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Residential Choices

(05/15/00 9:00am)

Philosophically, we disagree with the introduction of freshman-only housing into the Dartmouth community. Dartmouth has built itself on being a single integrated community rather than a collection of separate classes. Students do not label themselves as "freshmen" or "juniors" but instead identify themselves by the assumed year of graduation. A student is above all a member of the Dartmouth community rather than a part of an isolated class.

Creating Options

(04/24/00 9:00am)

We have long believed that the Student Life Initiative should be about expanding students' social and residential options on campus. While it is clear that the Trustees have erred on various points by limiting options -- such as with the extension of the moratorium on new single-sex Greek houses -- they have succeeded in other areas and should be applauded for that.

Honorable Code

(03/27/00 10:00am)

The Committee on Standards and computer science department behaved in the most appropriate manner considering the circumstances surrounding the recent cheating accusations in dismissing all charges against CS4 students. However, the College's Honor Code remains devalued. Although all students who had cheated could have been caught and punished, this could only have been accomplished at the expense of potentially punishing innocent classmates. Nevertheless, if the Dartmouth community chooses to move forward from this winter's scandal without making an effort to update the Honor Code, then the Code stands to lose any sense of integrity.

For the Democrats - Bradley / For the Republicians - Bush

(01/28/00 11:00am)

After a presidency riddled with scandals and embarrassment, this country needs a leader of unquestionable integrity and firm moral character. It needs a leader who will not change with the tide of popular opinion, but one who will stand firm in the face of opposition, fighting for the issues he believes in. Many have criticized Bill Bradley for his lofty idealism, but we believe this is why he should be admired.

Idealistic, but Achievable?

(01/11/00 11:00am)

The steering committee should be applauded for some of its recommendations in yesterday's report. It had clearly considered student input regarding dining and recognized that decentralization would not be an attractive change. It also listened to student input and kept the single-sex Greek system, at least in some form. But while it did some things right, this period is for discussion on how to improve upon the document and serious improvements are necessary if the steering committee's goals are to be met.

Pragmatic Improvements

(11/24/99 11:00am)

This coming January, the Steering Committee will make a recommendation to the Trustees on the future of Dartmouth social life. Few are certain as to what that recommendation will entail, but everyone hopes that above all the recommendations are something that makes Dartmouth a better place for students in a way that students themselves enjoy.

Structuring Choice

(09/24/99 9:00am)

Trustee Susan Dentzer's vision of student social life seems to be best embodied in her statement, "We want the students to have choices; we just want them to be very structured choices." This sentiment is little more than a thinly disguised way of informing the student body that it will choose from among one option. One option is no choice, and will allow for no debate.

What Discussion?

(09/22/99 9:00am)

As last night's forum came to a close, the steering committee co-chairs assured the audience they were open to discussion as they complete their deliberations over the course of Fall term. They offered that students could e-mail them with their suggestions, input and advice to contribute to the process.

A Wake Up Call

(07/08/99 9:00am)

The release of the Social and Residential Life Task Force Report revealed serious problems in the implementation process of the Trustees' initiatives. Approximately four months before the Steering Committee plans to announce recommendations about the College's social and residential life system to the full Board of Trustees, student ideas on those changes are still substantially absent.