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Ley: Let the Pong Players Play; the Masters Tradition is Here to Stay

(08/18/23 8:15am)

Dartmouth is responsible for many great contributions — the BASIC computer language, collegiate ski racing in the United States and the Rassias method, to name a few. But none of these gifts are more fun than pong, the classic drinking game Dartmouth introduced to the world. Students play most nights of the week, and every summer, Dartmouth devotes an entire weekend to the Masters pong tournament. Over the years, Masters has become an important part of the sophomore summer experience, contributing to the culture of fun that Dartmouth is known for.

Dunleavy: Question the West’s Intention in Niger

(08/18/23 8:10am)

In the weeks following Niger’s military coup, the West and its African allies announced the intention to restore constitutional order in Niger. However, the true intent of intervention is questionable, given the West’s inconsistencies in their commitment to democracy and French neo-colonial control over Niger’s natural resources like uranium and fossil fuels. Western interest in the Niger coup is not driven by concern for democracy, but rather the Western desire to maintain the status quo — French control in West Africa and the exploitation of West African natural resources. 

Q&A with Claire VeNard, newly appointed Dartmouth Athletics chief of staff

(08/18/23 5:05am)

The Dartmouth sat down with Claire VeNard, newly appointed Dartmouth Athletics chief of staff, to discuss her career path and her hopes for the new role. After competing for four years on the Notre Dame women’s soccer team and graduating with a national championship win under her belt, she earned a J.D. as well as a Master’s degree in higher education administration and public policy. VeNard discussed how her past experiences as a student athlete and in higher education affect how she approaches her work at Dartmouth.

Q&A with new women’s rowing head coach John Graves

(08/18/23 5:00am)

In a series of coach hirings, John Graves was recently named the new head coach of the women’s rowing team. Graves has served as an assistant coach for the men’s heavyweight team for the last two years. Before Graves coached the Dartmouth heavyweight team to a top 10 rank, he helped the University of Texas’s heavyweight rowing team win a national championship in 2021. The Dartmouth sat down with Graves to learn more about how his work with the heavyweight team and his past as a rower have influenced his coaching philosophy.

Keep on Trekking: Reflections of a DOC Fifty Hiker

(08/18/23 7:10am)

About a month ago, my teammates and I finished the Dartmouth Outing Club Fifty. Some quick context: A bunch of people sign up in groups of four for the lottery-based chance to hike 53 miles in one go, with plenty of emotional and physical support along the way from disparate reaches of Dartmouth’s wonderful, wacky and brightly-attired outdoor community. As soon as my team and I were selected as some of the fortunate few to torture ourselves for a day and a half  back in late June, I knew I was going to want to write about the experience. Plenty have done it, and I’ve grown to love the formal outlet for reflection that a good published article provides.

‘My favorite part is eating’: Foco kids serve up their thoughts

(08/18/23 7:15am)

The Class of 1953 Commons, known colloquially as Foco, is one of Dartmouth’s most traversed destinations. Students have long since shared their thoughts on the College’s largest dining location in The Dartmouth — from so-called Foco hacks to reviews of the dining hall’s playlists — but we don’t often hear from the facility’s littlest customers.

Alumnus indicted for allegedly raping 18-year-old at Theta Delta Chi fraternity

(08/15/23 5:33pm)

On June 16, a grand jury indicted a Dartmouth alumnus for allegedly raping and strangling an 18-year-old woman in Theta Delta Chi fraternity on the night of April 23, 2022, according to court documents obtained by The Dartmouth. Kyle Clampitt ’20 faces 14 charges, which include 12 counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and two counts of second degree assault involving strangulation, the case summary shows. 

Karen Liot Hill ’00 to seek 2024 Democratic nomination for second Executive Council district

(08/11/23 9:00am)

In an exclusive interview with The Dartmouth, Lebanon City Councilor, At-Large Karen Liot Hill ’00 said she will seek the 2024 Democratic nomination for the second Executive Council district — an advisory body for the governor. Liot Hill, who is the first elected official to declare her candidacy for the race, said she expects to make a formal announcement in September. 

College launches Institute for Black Intellectual and Cultural Life

(08/11/23 9:05am)

On July 19, the Office of Communications announced the launch of the Institute for Black Intellectual and Cultural Life, which will be located on the second floor of Haldeman Center. The Dartmouth was unable to confirm when the Institute will open to the community by the time of publication. According to English and creative writing professor Kimberly Brown, the Institute’s director, the Institute aims to be “a center for Black studies research.” 

‘I’m normal’: Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson focuses on anti-Trump rhetoric during Hanover campaign stop

(08/11/23 9:10am)

On Aug. 8, former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson visited the College during his presidential campaign, as he seeks 40,000 individual donors to qualify for the Republican debate stage. In a lecture and Q&A with Dartmouth students and Upper Valley residents, Hutchinson emphasized the rule of law and overcoming partisan division in America.