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Body Positivity and Social Media

(11/09/16 6:41am)

I started @curvedandcontoured as an Instagram account dedicated to makeup, feminism and body positivity, which is a feminist movement focused on improving self-esteem and body image. In particular, I do so by addressing issues like fat shaming. I have always been interested in body image, largely because I have had an eating disorder for most of my life. In high school, I lost 35 pounds and was praised by friends, teachers and family for working hard to become “healthy,” even though these eating habits were incredibly harmful to my health. Because of my eating disorder, I spent almost every moment of my life obsessing over thinness, an ideal I could never seem to achieve. I eventually started eating again, so I naturally gained a lot of weight. Right now, I weigh about 90 pounds more than I did at the height of my eating disorder, and for the first time in my life, I don’t hate my body.

Obama campaigns for Hillary Clinton at UNH

(11/08/16 5:45am)

On the eve of Election Day, President Barack Obama freely shared his views at a Get Out the Vote rally for Hillary Clinton, criticizing Republican nominee Donald Trump and emphasizing the need for Democratic votes up and down the ticket. The president’s comments, delivered to a packed Whittemore Center Arena at the University of New Hampshire, also highlighted the critical role of New Hampshire in the election, as the state’s voting results could tip both the U.S. Senate majority and the presidential race.

Separate and equal? An in-depth look at Dartmouth athletics' compliance with Title IX

(11/07/16 5:20am)

On July 1, 2015, the Dartmouth rugby team announced its formal transition from club to varsity. Title IX, a law that prevents gender-based exclusion in any federally-funded education program, played a major role in the administration’s decision to ultimately approve of the transition. With Title IX looming over every gender-related sports decision at Dartmouth, several dedicated administrators spend time every day on the subject, and with nearly one quarter of Dartmouth undergraduates participating in varsity sports, the law undoubtedly shapes varsity sports at the College.

Clinton support as high as 85% among students

(11/01/16 4:27am)

With the presidential election just one week away, a recent survey conducted by The Dartmouth found that students overwhelmingly support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Despite this near unanimity, dissatisfaction and pessimism regarding the election pervades student opinion. The survey also found a sharp split among Republicans, with Clinton, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson each pulling 25 percent from this group’s support.

Halloween takes over Hanover

(11/01/16 4:47am)

A little under 10 weeks ago, I packed the relics of my 19 years of life in Nepal into one outrageously purple suitcase and another softer chocolate brown suitcase and spent almost 48 hours flying over continents, seas and cityscapes to find a home at Dartmouth. These 10 weeks have contained many firsts for me — my first snowfall, my first football game and my first time running around a larger-than-life bonfire in a splendid preservation of tradition.

For the love of the game

(10/31/16 4:06am)

Sports have a long and storied history at the College and to this day make up an enduring component of campus life with around 25 percent of the student population participating in one of the 35 varsity intercollegiate teams. As members of the Ivy League, students have the unique opportunity to compete at the Division I level, while challenging themselves with rigorous academic opportunities off the field. Balancing the dual dimensions of being a student-athlete comes with its fair amount of challenges and rewards; however, not all those who begin their college careers as athletes finish them as athletes. A number of athletes decide to step away from their sports for a multitude of reasons including injuries, divisive team cultures, lack of playing time and general burnout. This week The Dartmouth will look into why some athletes quit their sports and the overarching themes that apply to their decisions.

Baker tower sees first renovations complete in time for Homecoming

(10/27/16 4:50am)

After being wrapped up in a scrim for most of the fall term, Baker Bell Tower — one of the College’s most iconic buildings — has been uncovered from its full-size photograph facade. Its first-ever renovation is complete just in time for Homecoming Weekend. According to Facilities Operations and Management program manager Patrick O’Hern, the entire restoration cost approximately $5.5 million.

Student spotlight: singer, musician and artist Dorothy Qu ’19

(10/26/16 4:00am)

Dorothy Qu ’19 is a triple threat: singer, flute and piccolo player and doodler. Her art is a more informal endeavor, supplementing her involvement in the co-ed a cappella group The Sing Dynasty and the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra. However, her drawings and doodles, previously found on the margins of her class notes, are now becoming highly sought after by student groups and individuals around campus.

Alumnus Q&A: Peter Nigrini ’93, Broadway projection designer

(10/25/16 4:00am)

Peter Nigrini ’93 is a projection designer for productions both on- and off-Broadway. At Dartmouth, Nigrini studied theater and film with a focus on backstage production but did not discover projection design until after college. Nigrini has designed projections for various projects ranging from broadway productions to concerts

Editor's Note

(10/19/16 5:28am)

When the editors first suggested “sex” as a theme, it was mostly because both had run dry of deep, profound theme ideas. After throwing around increasingly silly article ideas varying in seriousness (one potential survey question simply read, “Anal?”), however, Lauren and Hayley found that there is a lot to explore when it comes to the sex lives of Dartmouth students.

The history of sports and traditions at Dartmouth

(10/17/16 4:05am)

With 35 varsity sports, 33 club sports and 24 intramural sports and more than 75 percent of undergraduates participating, it is safe to say that a love for athletics runs deep at the College. However, not many people know the evolution of Dartmouth’s varsity athletics program, beginning in 1769. This week, The Dartmouth explores the history of sports at the College through an overview of landmark events, traditions and obscure sports.

Hassan and Ayotte speak at forum

(10/14/16 4:45am)

Yesterday, Tuck School of Business professor Emily Blanchard sat down as a moderator with Senate candidates Kelly Ayotte, the Republican incumbent, and current New Hampshire Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan. The two spoke separately in a public forum to discuss their views. Both candidates are matched evenly with each other in the polls, making New Hampshire one of the tightest Senate races in the country. In addition, the Associated Press reported that funding for this senate race is predicted to exceed a $100 million in total, which will break the record in New Hampshire.

Big Green volleyball brings player and coach ‘full circle’

(10/10/16 4:06am)

Growing up, every child who has ever played a sport has admired an older or professional player. While few ever meet their idols, even fewer have the opportunity to play for them. Zoë Leonard ’19, however, is one of the few playing for her childhood idol Tara Hittle, an assistant coach for the women’s volleyball team.