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New Single Shows 18's Cluster Pride

(08/05/14 8:29pm)

Marcus Reid '18 — perhaps better known by his rap name "Ill Fayze" — might have just dropped the most fire single of 14F one month before freshman trips. The McLaughlin Anthem is as much an ode to Byrne, Berry, Bildner and Rauner as it is a diss track to all the other clusters. It's clear he's still working on Dartspeak — he's excited he won't have to live in the "coats" cluster — but it's just as clear he can't wait to get on campus, where his "room's got drank and space." Find his soundcloud here, or follow him on Twitter at @MarcusCantReid1.

D-Style Brings New Style to Campus Music Scene

(05/22/14 7:00am)

Freestyle rap as a performance style is largely a rarity across the Ivy League and the real world alike, with only a few other groups in existence. Recently, I sat down with four members of new on-campus freestyle group D-Style — Mike Haughey ’15, Alec Tarantino ’16, Carter Bastian ’17 and Josh Koenig ’16 — to discuss their first year performing on campus.

Dartmouth Soundoff

(05/08/14 8:30am)

Every Tuesday night, teams assemble in 3 Guys Basement BBQ for weekly trivia. The hour and a half ritual — led by a quirky triviamaster named Carl — consists of three rounds, each becoming progressively more eccentric as the evening continues. This week, the final round — always auditory — challenged teams to identify songs through a series of recordings of Carl singing. Carl is not a singer. From what I can tell on the Internet, he is a comic artist. Consequently, the round was almost as bizarre as two weeks ago when Carl used distorted audio from television commercials modulated over elevator music and asked us to identify the product that matched the commercial.

Campus Band Profile: Burn The Barn

(04/28/14 8:00am)

Over 13X, I would often walk into Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity and be aurally bombarded with the sound of snare drums, guitar solos and random lyrics. At the time, I did not know too much about the four AXA ’15s who would soon come to call themselves “Burn the Barn” (a name attributed to the fraternity’s lore). However, they seemed like an established enough band given that I happened to overhear their melodious jam sessions almost any time I was in or around the green house near the end of Webster Ave.

Dartmouth Soundoff

(04/23/14 12:00pm)

First off, anyone who has ever streamed music from the Internet should go read Eric Harvey's Pitchfork'scover story from last week. Questions like "In what ways are the non-stop interactions between databases and algorithms shaping our musical tastes?" and "Should speculative capitalism be the driving force for large-scale innovations in music technology, and is there a feasible alternative?" are posed and unpacked in the article. Thought-provoking, I know. The design team also did a really awesome job, so avoid the plain-text version (unless your computer is older than my car).

PB&Jams: Yellow Ostrich

(04/09/14 1:00pm)

If you’re lucky enough to have even one person in your life that sends you music suggestions that you actually like, you’re lucky enough. The music video for “Marathon Runner” by Yellow Ostrich was sent to me by someone who pretty much nails my music taste every time. The song (and the two albums I immediately bought after I fell in love with it) is killer. Check it out live above or watch the original music video here.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Contractual Conflicts

(04/09/14 8:00am)

Record labels and their contracts have a long history of making artists’ lives more complicated. Signing with a label often means a great deal of artistic sacrifice; labels both hold rights to artists’ songs and can push the artist to be more marketable by shaping their sound and reputation. Conflicts are almost always centered on trying to generate the most money and figuring out who gets what portion of proceeds. And the payment hierarchy is imperfect. Artists are the last ones to get paid — after the advertisers, promoters, recording engineers and the label executives themselves. Some of the most famous disputes have included artists like Prince, Pink Floyd and Kenny Rogers.

Dartmouth Soundoff: Remembering Cobain

(04/02/14 12:00pm)

Saturday will mark the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. As an icon for the misunderstood, Cobain struggled with drugs, depression and his ailing health before committing suicide at age 27. Nirvana, formed over the course of 1988, paved the road for Seattle grunge to travel from local basements to the Billboard charts. To date, Nirvana alone has sold over 25 million records in the US, and over 75 million worldwide. In 1992, Rolling Stone called Nirvana a voice for Generation X and compared Cobain to John Lennon. As a critical figure in music history, Cobain's legacy is indisputable and this week’s playlist features music of his, those who impacted him and those he inspired.

Dartmouth Soundoff: A 14S Winter Playlist

(03/26/14 9:00am)

When I decided to be on campus for spring term, I imagined greeting my friends in shorts and flip flops and walking across a Green corded off to keep us away from those weird chemicals maintenance puts on the grass. Instead, I trudged through the snow while moving boxes and wore Under Armour beneath my jeans (I can’t be the only one that does this) on the first day of class. I get it – we are always griping about the weather. We’re in New Hampshire where people love to tweet screenshots of their weather app showing subzero temps. But I signed up for spring term…can I get my money back? The only upside I can create here is the possibility of this week’s column remaining relevant for a marginally longer time.

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