The Essential 14X Playlist

By Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff | 7/2/14 5:00am

“Summer” by Calvin Harris may be on this playlist, but sophomore summer isn't just about finding that classic summer love. From firing up grills to jumping off rope swings, 14X is bound to be filled with moments that require the perfect soundtrack (in your head, at least). Here's hoping these songs fulfill that requirement.

1. “Wishing Wells” by The Colourist

“I'm sick of hearing what if, what if; just follow what you're feeling for. If you don't know what you're looking for, just follow what you feel, just follow what you feel.”

This band is awesome, and I think this particular song nails the sophomore vibe. Stop saying “what if” and go do what you've been meaning to get around to for the past three terms. Take a trip off campus, hike a mountain, ask that girl/guy/frat dog to formal, or stay in for a night if you need to. Just follow what you feel, y'all.

2. “Jebel” by Klingande

I'd heard this song a few times but didn't know what it was called, so I blitzed out about it. Several people were confused/entertained by my explanation (listen to this song and tell me that “like electronic dance-ish with saxobeat and then every once in awhile some girl is like 'save me' or something like that” isn't a perfect description) but within minutes I had it. Success. I assumed it would be called “Save Me” like a normal person. So sue me. Anyways, here's your new jam.

3. “Girls Chase Boys” by Ingrid Michaelson

Just a nice, happy, light summer song. Listen to this down by the river or while relaxing on the Green.

4. “Summer” by Calvin Harris

Sorry for being cliché (just embrace it), but if this isn't on your sophomore summer playlist, then do you even go here?

5. “Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix)” by Passion Pit

Turn up for Passion Pit - this one's for getting your rage on.

6. “Indian Summer” by How Sad

This song is for your road trip or for longboarding down frat row; you choose.

7. “Unkinder (Tougher Love)” by Thumpers

Awesome British bands should always make up the soundtrack for your backyard BBQ.

8. “Birthday” by Katy Perry

It wouldn't be summer without a little bubblegum pop. Make every day your birthday this summer! Just kidding, no one else wants that. But celebrate each day anyways - you only sophomore summer once.

9. “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance

If you're not dancing at least once a day this term, you're not living up to your 14X potential. Specifically, dance around your room/frat basement of choice to this song, which will literally have you doing the boogie all night long.

10. “Twisted Tongue” by MisterWives

You heard MisterWives play outside Collis over Green Key and now you can't get enough. Playing this song on repeat should help.

11. “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea

Sorry if you're sick of this one already, but if you're like me and are inclined to belt it out on the bus ride home from Strips, then be sure to include some Iggy in your 14X festivities.

12. “One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)” by Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

This song throws it back to the message of the first song on this list in talking about all those stories “that we could have told.” It's time to go out and live those stories we'll have when we're old. Happy sophomore summer!

Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff