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Films, Frats and Fanatics: How “Animal House” Compares to Current-Day Dartmouth

(02/09/22 7:05am)

National Lampoon’s “Animal House” is notoriously based on Dartmouth and its frat culture. I remember after being accepted to Dartmouth and doing research about it, people said to watch “Animal House” to get a sense of what it was like. Thank god I didn’t because I truly would have been terrified to even step foot on campus had I watched the movie.

Editors' Note

(02/09/22 7:00am)

It seems that with each new dawn the Green gets covered in a fresh blanket of sparkly white snow. Dartmouth’s idyllic winter landscape is scored by the sounds of wind whistling through the icy trees, students stomping through their driveways and yes, the beeps and scrapes of an early morning snow plow. The skiway has been boasting phenomenal conditions and the snowboots your grandparents bought you have never gotten more use. We may have sprained our backs while shoveling our driveway, but with the granite of New Hampshire in our muscles and our brains, the pain can’t last too long, right? And anyway, we’ve got winter carnival and Valentine’s Day coming up so we have no time to drag our feet. 

Dear Dartmouth, Be My Valentine?

(02/09/22 7:10am)

The whipped cream brushes my lips as I sip my delectable hot chocolate. My eyes absorb the colorful spines in the romance novel section of Still North Books & Bar. As I sink into a plush, lime-colored chair, I know that my greens and grains salad and ABC toast will always be here for me. This cozy, magical bookstore is one of the many things I love about Dartmouth and its surroundings. With love in the air, let us relish in the beauty of Dartmouth College.

Tales from Floridians in Hanover

(02/09/22 7:15am)

Anything below 70 degrees Fahrenheit is not exactly a breath of fresh air for people from warm climates. Seasons seemed perpetually nonexistent back home, as first-year students from Florida. Growing up, we felt like we were missing out on fall foliage, winter snowfalls and the flowers of spring. Thus, going to Dartmouth seemed like the obvious solution, where seasons are ever-present and being “in the woods” gives us the opportunity to explore all that the outdoors has to offer, even in the cold of winter.

Go Big or Go Home: the Phi Delt Cook-Off

(02/09/22 7:20am)

On Saturday afternoon, as students recover from near-hypothermia induced by the polar bear plunge, the smell of roasted peppers, beans, tomatoes and perhaps some beef or turkey will drift into the air above Collis patio. The savory scents will hover in the air for a moment, pausing as if to admire the people below who bravely display their culinary talents. And on the patio, each participant will wait eagerly for a verdict handed down by President Hanlon and his wife Gail, a verdict with the potential to alter lives and crush dreams. Yes, I am talking about the 10th annual Phi Delt Chili Cook-Off. 

Selling Science: A Look into Experimental Studies at Dartmouth

(02/02/22 7:15am)

On my way out of Sanborn last week, I found a poster taped to the door. In big orange letters, it advertised a “Research Opportunity,” surrounded by cartoon images of test tubes and brains. I stopped to read, intrigued: “sign up now to participate in a study about empathy and compassion towards animals!” The logistical information was laid out clearly: Where? Moore Hall. When? Two morning MRI scan sessions. Compensation? Up to $200 and — highlighted in bright yellow — an image of your own brain. 

Editors' Note

(02/02/22 7:00am)

April might be the cruelest month, in the slightly melodramatic words of T. S. Eliot, but January is definitely the longest. Well, not in any mathematical way, but there is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon: There’s really not much to look forward to in January. And after an exciting, holiday-filled month like December, this absence of exhilaration and anticipation is particularly noticeable. To put it briefly, January is boring. And you know what else is boring? Week 5. Students go about their daily routines in a “Groundhog Day”-esque manner, and the only thing to look forward to is the end of midterm season, which somehow only ends when finals season begins.     

The Definitive Ranking of Hanover Hot Chocolates

(02/02/22 7:05am)

Hot chocolate is the best — and only — gift that cold weather has to offer. Luckily, in the Hanover area, there is no lack of options for getting a toasty taste of pure goodness. The only problem is that all hot chocolate recipes are not created equal. With unequal ratios of milk to chocolate and a lack of quality whipped cream and marshmallow combo, the hot chocolate you receive can lead to disappointment. Luckily, after a week of intense research, I have been able to rank all of the relevant hot chocolate spots within walking distance using a specialized hot chocolate algorithm created by experts (me). This list will help you decide where your next trip to get hot chocolate will be and expose some of the most disappointing realities in the Hanover hot chocolate market. 

Big Green’s Little League

(02/02/22 7:20am)

To say that Dartmouth students have a long and storied history with winter sports would be an understatement. Since 1924, students from the College on the Hill have competed in every winter Olympics, racking up an impressive 28 medals — more than many countries. These medaled athletes representing the Big Green on the world stage are most impressive, but for those of us who can only hope to medal in procrastination or sleep-deprivation, a great way to make the most of the winter is through intramural hockey.

Naked and Unafraid: The Art of Figure Modeling

(02/02/22 7:25am)

Envision this, you are perched in the middle of a classroom. Fully nude. Your Dartmouth peers are staring at your unimposed body, making observations and scribbling sketches. Maybe this sounds like a nightmare. Maybe it sounds like an ego trip. For a select group of Dartmouth student figure models, it is merely an on-campus job. Welcome to the art of figure modeling, where you get paid twenty dollars an hour to lend your body as the subject of peer artwork. 

Saving Our Planet One Outfit at a Time

(01/26/22 7:05am)

Fashion trends change on a daily basis. Our TikTok For-You-Pages are filled with “SHEIN hauls” and nearly every Instagram ad promotes the 700 to 1,000 new items SHEIN and other fast fashion brands release everyday. Now don’t get me wrong, these pieces are cute, trendy and affordable, and there is no shame in getting wrapped up in the latest trends; even I am guilty of buying an entire outfit I saw on Instagram. But what is the true cost of fast fashion?

22Winter Wonderland: A History of Snow at Dartmouth

(01/26/22 7:25am)

Last Monday, I woke up to the sight of flurries falling from the sky, blanketing the campus in several inches of snow. As I walked to the library a few hours later, flakes quickly accumulated on my eyelashes and streaked my hair. The still-falling snow, coupled with canceled classes due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, made me feel as though I was reliving one of the many snow days that I had so treasured as a child. Unfortunately, though Dartmouth students may dream of snow days each time the weather forecast predicts any chance of flurries, the administration has historically canceled classes only under extraordinary circumstances. 

No Need to Know: Students React to Dartmouth’s Universal Need-Blind Admissions Policy

(01/26/22 7:35am)

Dartmouth announced on Wednesday, Jan. 12 that it would extend its need-blind admissions policy to international students — beginning with the Class of 2026 — following an anonymous $40 million dollar donation to the Call to Lead campaign. This made Dartmouth the sixth institution to offer need-blind admissions to international students while meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need, along with Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Amherst College. 

Editors' Note

(01/26/22 7:00am)

Exciting things are happening here on campus. Occom Pond has opened up for ice skating, COVID-19 cases are beginning to drop and indoor dining is in full swing. Midterm season is also beginning and with it comes the chaotic but intoxicating hum of hasty library studying and late-night Novack snack runs. Call us sadists but there’s something comforting about the sight of stressed-out students, doing what students do best: procrastinate, grind, repeat. No? Just us? Ok never mind …

Tasty or Tacky? A Review of Tacos Y Tequila

(01/26/22 7:10am)

There’s beauty in living in the middle of nowhere — my friends and I relish the opportunity to ice skate across Occom or go stargazing on the golf course. However, it’s around week four or five that our thoughts start to turn to the outside world, and we ask ourselves, “what if we didn’t study for this midterm and just hopped on a Coach to Boston?” Our desire to go to the city is rooted specifically in cuisine. 

International Immersion: Checking in with Students Studying Abroad

(01/26/22 7:15am)

Amid the global surge in the omicron variant of COVID-19 this winter, foreign study programs — a hallmark of the Dartmouth experience — are forging ahead, from Paris to Costa Rica. With 13 programs offered this winter, students are taking advantage of an opportunity to broaden their academic experiences in a new environment.

Diversity in Greek Life: Can you really be diverse when seeking to be distinctive?

(01/19/22 7:15am)

By design, the Greek system at Dartmouth is inherently exclusive and hierarchical: Built upon years of systematic oppression, it seeks to find people who “fit in” or want to ascribe to a particular tribe. With winter rush for sororities underway, some of the same old questions have started to bubble to the top. How can you try to be inclusive when by definition Greek life is so exclusive? 

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