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April 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors' Note

2023-10-24 21.51.38.jpg

Something spooky is in the air. And it’s not the scariness of how quickly the time comes around for me to write my biweekly Editors’ Note. The heaviness of the October gloom that is settling in all around us is getting to me slightly. This fine Week 7 has proved, once again, that you can most certainly blink and another Dartmouth term will have passed its midpoint. 

This past weekend marked Homecoming Weekend, and hoards of alumni returned to relive their glory days on campus. From ’78s who perhaps hadn’t been back to campus in decades to ’23s who just left a few months ago, seeing old faces return to Hanover with so much excitement and nostalgia reassured me that even though graduation seems near, it’s never really the end. While some attempted to relive their youthful strength through the thrill of the Lou’s Challenge, others were seen scrambling to get to Memorial Field in rain ponchos and Dartmouth sweatshirts, persevering through the dreariness. Seeing all of them return with such genuine enthusiasm brightened my weekend a little bit. It reminded me that there will always be adventure to find and memories to make in returning to Hanover. 

This week at Mirror, our writers explore a range of topics, from the history of One Wheelock to the experience of going to Dartmouth with a sibling. One piece investigates “Gingers of Dartmouth” — Dartmouth’s redheaded community, while another highlights how students from warmer places adjust to the Hanover climate. One writer reflects on the advice he would give his first-year self, and yet another spotlights the Take Your Professor to Lunch program. Finally, one writer explores how Dartmouth student’s political opinions have evolved through the years.  

While the ebbs and flows of the final few weeks may seem unpredictable, we want to encourage you to make the most of the latter half of the term. Reach out to someone you haven’t seen this term, tick an activity off your Upper Valley bucket list and strike up a conversation with someone in your 10A — you never know what may come of it. Oh, and happy Halloween costume planning!