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Fishbein: Explore Your Options

(08/12/16 2:30am)

I’ve sat at my computer for a while, trying to think of some piece of overarching wisdom that I, with one year of college under my belt, can share with you Dartmouth newbies. But as I’m sure you’ll discover soon enough, when you inevitably end up in the stacks at 4 a.m. having just drunk the last dregs from your Red Bull and with three pages left in that seemingly pointless essay for the freshman writing course you got stuck with because all the others filled up, sometimes the words just don’t come to you.

Ghavri: Get to Know Your Professor

(08/12/16 2:30am)

One of the deciding factors in my choice to attend Dartmouth two years ago was the intimacy of Hanover, the campus, classes and social life. Dartmouth’s “personality” is apparent from Dimensions in April, to Trips in August, to orientation in September. Coming from an impersonal suburban New York town and moving to Hanover, where I experienced the intimacy of Dartmouth was the most profound, and at times uncomfortable, part of my freshman fall.

Editor's Note

(08/12/16 2:00am)

Once upon a time, before Lauren and May had gained 20 pounds in EBAs pizza weight, had said farewell to their high school days of academic glory and were on the wrong (or right?) side of the X (the sexist notion that women get less attractive and men more desirable as our time at the College wears on), we were naive rising freshmen looking for advice. We asked: Are tutus acceptable everyday attire? Why is it spelled “Croo”? Will I ever make friends if I’m not a Facebook celebrity? Is raging a good or a bad thing?

What's in my flair box?

(08/12/16 2:00am)

Leave your high heels, tight dresses and nice button-downs at home: going out at Dartmouth requires a totally different wardrobe. Here, our party themes aren’t suggestions, they’re lifestyles. We call our particularly special items “flair,” and after a few years many of us end up with impressive collections. Just in case you’re still confused about what to pack, we pulled out a few choice pieces to help guide you:

Studying abroad at Dartmouth: Oh, the places you'll go!

(08/12/16 2:00am)

At Dartmouth, the flexibility of the D-Plan allows for students to take advantage of language study abroad programs (LSAs), foreign study programs (FSPs) and any variety of internships and programs ’round the girdled earth. In this article, we take a look at just a few of the opportunities Dartmouth students have taken advantage of over the past few years. This sampling is by no means exhaustive, as over 55 percent of students choose to study abroad on the over 80 total programs spanning six continents.

Been There, Done That

(08/12/16 2:00am)

In the beginning, it may seem as if everyone else has everything in college figured out, from social life to academics. It is important, however, to be aware of the fact that Dartmouth is a new experience for all freshmen, as many often take a while to adjust to college life. This was the parting advice Sara McGahan ’17 received from her father at the start of her freshman year.

Know Your Foco

(08/12/16 2:00am)

Let the Baker Tower bells ring, ladies and gentlemen. It’s almost that time of year again when the leaves turn orange, the air is crisp and hundreds of freshmen frolic around the homecoming bonfire. Amongst all the crazy changes students will come back to in 16F, with new residential houses and class times, there is one truth on which every Dartmouth student can rely: The Class of 1953 Commons (call it Foco or you may as well be a townie) will still be baking the most incredible chocolate chip cookies in the Upper Valley.