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Increased number of alumni respond to survey, comment on "Moving Dartmouth Forward"

(10/22/15 11:11pm)

Dartmouth alumni sent more than 1,300 emails to the Alumni Liaison Committee expressing opinions and concerns on academics, student life and administrative initiatives at the College during the 2014-2015 academic year, according to the committee’s annual report to the Board of Trustees. The topics addressed in the greatest number of emails were the “Moving Dartmouth Forward” policy changes and the increased use of living learning communities, according to statistics in the report.

Shoot for It: With John Beneville ’16 and Alex Lee ’16

(10/22/15 10:30pm)

What’s up, Dartmouth? “Shoot For It” is normally colorful and humorous (at least we hope it comes across that way), but given what happened to Lamar Odom over the last week, we decided this week’s column would be more serious than normal. For those who don’t know, former NBA player Lamar Odom was rushed to a hospital last Tuesday and is reportedly “fighting for his life.” Lamar was found unconscious in a brothel outside of Las Vegas, where he had reportedly been staying for several days while doing a variety of drugs. Word is that Lamar’s condition has improved over the last few days, and despite being in a coma with multiple vital organs failing, he is beginning to recover. When news of Lamar’s trip to the emergency room first became public, the basketball community offered an outpouring of support for their troubled brother.

Football seeks to maintain focus against struggling Columbia

(10/22/15 10:30pm)

In each and every week of the 2015 season, the football team has clung to the mentality of treating each game equally and applying its focus only to the game ahead. No juncture in the team’s schedule will challenge that mindset more than the current one. With the game of the 2015 Ivy League season against Harvard University looming on the horizon, the Big Green (5-0, 2-0 Ivy) must first take care of visiting Columbia University (1-4, 0-2 Ivy) as it permanently returns to conference play this Saturday.

Men’s hockey prepares for season and Prince Edward Island

(10/22/15 10:30pm)

On Oct. 31, the men’s ice hockey team will formally kick off its 2015-16 season with a home game against Harvard University. The team has finished within the top five seeds in the competitive ECAC conference 11 of the last 15 years and in second place in the Ivy League four of the last five years. The previous season added to the team’s historic success, as the team tied for fourth place in the 12-team ECAC with Colgate University and finished in second place in the Ivy League behind Yale University. The team went on to sweep Princeton University in two games before falling to Colgate in the second round of the ECAC Hockey playoffs. Led by head coach Bob Gaudet ’81, the Big Green looks to build off last year’s strong season.

Joe Kind, A Guy

(10/22/15 10:26pm)

The social media hashtag “no new friends” has existed for quite some time now as a seemingly clever photo caption or as its own hashtag supplanting a witty Facebook status or tweet (for those of us who still tweet…). Like many trends, the phrase has lost much of its original pleasing power at the cost of its rising ubiquity. But perhaps there is a deeper truth here as well.

Frolicking Through Floren

(10/22/15 10:25pm)

I am probably the ultimate NARP. I’ve never seriously played on a sports team, and I tried to get away with only running 1.9 laps around the Homecoming bonfire. While many college-bound students write their Common Application essays about sports — a particularly rewarding win or upsetting loss, injury or serving as a leader on a team — I wrote mine about celebrities. Varsity athletes are arguably the closest people Dartmouth has to celebrities. On a campus where almost 25 percent of the student body is comprised of varsity athletes and overall more than 75 percent are in some way or another involved in athletics, my lack of athletic prowess is especially glaring.

An Eye for Innovation

(10/22/15 10:16pm)

In a school as culturally and academically diverse as Dartmouth, there’s bound to be immeasurable amounts of creativity and innovation. Coupled with a plethora of resources and opportunities at our disposal, the College often gives students full reign in developing their thoughts and passions. Resources such as the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Thayer School of Engineering, the Center for Service and the Neukom Digital Arts, Leadership and Innovation Lab give students the workplace to innovate.

On Mondays, We Rage

(10/22/15 10:03pm)

As we approached the Dartmouth Outing Club House, we heard the faint sound of music buzzing in the air. We saw lights flashing, cars approaching and hoards of people standing outside on the patio. Before us laid the world of the unknown — we were about to crash a party full of students from the Geisel School of Medicine.

Hallmark's Newest Flicks

(10/22/15 10:01pm)

This time of year, television is filled with a colorful assortment of Halloween-themed flicks. You’ve got love-lorn witches and pesky pumpkins, but what about the other holidays? Have no fear loyal viewers, for when they’re not airing “Golden Girls” (1985) reruns or broadcasting the Puppy Bowl, nobody brings you holiday-themed films like the good ol’ Hallmark Channel. From their masterpiece, “A Boyfriend for Christmas” (2004) to their magnum opus, “The Good Witch’s Destiny” (2013), this cinematic giant never fails to elicit a hearty laugh or a heartfelt hug.

Alternative Semi Themes: MTV Edition

(10/22/15 1:56pm)

We all know that the “M” in MTV has not stood for music since 1985 in a very long time, and let’s be honest, “semi” has not stood for “semi” formal since before Phil had just a spot of peach fuzz on his upper lip. Now semi mostly consists of diving into a flair trunk and hoping you can bullshit whatever you’re wearing into the theme. “Oh, yeah, the ‘romance through the ages' theme, see I’m dressed as pizza because you took a pizza my heart.” Coming up with semi ideas is not easy though, and for all of those struggling socials out there, I’m here to help: old MTV shows. We all know nostalgia sells (pop punk), even if the things we are nostalgic about happened only five years ago. Room Raiders theme:

From the Archives

(10/22/15 11:26am)

As a CS major, this one made me laugh. This ad from 80s is a throwback to when Microsoft only sold software. It highlights MS Office predecessors Word and Multiplan (Excel), as well as MS File and MS Chart, whose functions are unclear to me. The ad also references Microsoft BASIC — originally invented at Dartmouth — and a computer with 128 kilobytes of memory. For reference, a TI89 calculator has about twice as much memory. I think we can all appreciate how things have changed!