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Professor creates phone app for safer driving habits

(10/05/12 2:00am)

Emerging from a senior thesis project by Thomas Bao '12, CarSafe, an Android application that promotes driver safety, has since grown into a collaborative international project that represents the first application to use a smartphone's dual camera data to analyze a person's driving habits, according to computer science professor Andrew Campbell, faculty advisor to the department's Smartphone Sensing Group.

Verbum Ultimum: Sensationalizing the Truth

(10/05/12 2:00am)

In January, a column published in these pages about fraternity culture and hazing not only sparked a campus-wide discussion about hazing, but also fueled a media firestorm focused on the College's social ills. In the column, former Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity member Andrew Lohse '12 described the hazing he allegedly endured as a pledge at the fraternity ("Telling the Truth," Jan. 25). In late March, Lohse was featured in a Rolling Stone article that sensationalized Dartmouth's Greek culture and pushed the school further into the national media spotlight ("Rolling Stone article targets College culture," March 29).

Iturrey: Conciliatory Companies

(10/05/12 2:00am)

In our pop-tech, consumer-based society, every company, product and service is rated, ranked and expected to be perfect. Just last Friday, Apple's highly anticipated release of the iPhone 5 quickly sparked reviews of the design and software. Of all the critiques, what was most striking was how poorly the Apple Maps feature functioned in the new iOS6 operating system. In response to the widespread discontent and consumer backlash, Apple's CEO Tim Cook posted a letter on Apple's website to Apple customers apologizing for this major malfunction. In response to this very public glimpse of corporate honesty, Apple has received positive press. This media response to Apple following its apology for failing to produce a product that satisfied expectations has demonstrated that it can be to a company's advantage to be honest about its product, even if it has shortcomings, in order to maintain the trust of its customers.

Much to His Chagrin

(10/05/12 2:00am)

Much to my chagrin, the prospects of an NHL season are diminishing by the day. As has become all too ordinary over the last decade, phenomenally wealthy owners are attempting to roll back the players' percentage share of revenue by double digits. Just a season after celebrating hockey's return to profitability, the self-pitying group of owners is trying to save itself from its own overspending. Similar to commissioner David Stern and the NBA owners, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and his gang of kvetching millionaires believe they need self-imposed rules to constrain their own free agency binges.

Top 5 Dartmouth Myths we are going to start right now

(10/05/12 2:00am)

You know that laundromat on Allen Street that recently and suddenly shut down? Pretty sure the only laundering they did there was with money. Joe Asch is the head of DDS. The bonfire is cancelled this year... Less blazing, less hazing. The glass study rooms on FFB are actually experiments conducted by the psych department. Jim Kim has a lower back tattoo.

The Pool at the End of the Tunnel

(10/05/12 2:00am)

There's perhaps nothing that stands in starker contrast to the Egyptian climate than that of Hanover. But in the midst of a bustling college campus, Sphinx Senior Society has fortified its own Egyptian-revivalist oasis. Nestled in a plot of land between Alpha Delta fraternity and the Fayerweather residence cluster, the building's high, plain walls with outward-flaring cornices provide a sealed sanctuary for one of Dartmouth's two original secret societies.

We Are the 1 Percent

(10/05/12 2:00am)

First, I estimated how much Keystone Light MillerCoors (Keystone's parent company) yields per year. The company produces 74 million barrels of 33 different beer brands, one of which is our god among beers, Keystone Light. If you (probably incorrectly, but bear with me here) assume that those 74 million barrels are divided evenly among the brands, you can extrapolate the questionable figure of 2.24 million barrels of Keystone brewed each year. This number converted to gallons, ounces, cans and then finally cases amounts to a whole lot of crappy beer. Numerically, this equals about 2,093,000 cases (one case containing 30 Stones) of Keystone Light per month. That would mean that Dartmouth students would have to work together to kill 20,930 cases of Keystone Light per month to preserve our 1 percent status. Talk about the loyal ones who love her.

All Roads Lead to Rollins

(10/05/12 2:00am)

You're reaching that age when you can't mention a casual movie date to your mom without her giving you that overly giddy smile. Facebook is notifying you of engagements, and they're not jokes. Your friends are bringing home positive pregnancy sticks and are happy about it. You do your best to ignore all of this and remind yourself that you're still young, you're in college, so there's no need to be rushing into the next stages of your life.

The River Runs Achoo It

(10/05/12 2:00am)

Pollen, pet dander and peanuts all are common allergies in this day and age. Find yourself a squeamish four-year-old, and chances are the kid has all three. Shellfish and gluten are a bit more exotic, as any faithful hypochondriac would tell you, but there is one allergen more lethal than the rest, far less detectable and for which there is no EpiPen: the River residential cluster.

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