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Reaching across the Aisle

(10/07/11 2:00am)

In the midst of bitter nationwide political rivalry, uncompromising ideology and divisive debate, it is surprising and invigorating to hear that somewhere in the country a Democrat and Republican can engage in meaningful conversation and cooperation. Yet this has been just the case for College Democrats President Sam Lewis '13 and College Republicans President Parker Hinman '13, whose friendship has significantly increased cooperation between the two groups.

Small Town World

(10/07/11 2:00am)

Kids at my high school wore "Keep the White House white" shirts on Election Day. Churches rallied together at a school board meeting to support the dissolution of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club. Once, I got a cheeseburger thrown at me for standing at an intersection with an "Obama 2008" poster.

Too Cool to Care?

(10/07/11 2:00am)

Last year, 142 members of the Class of 2011 majored in government, representing about 13 percent of all graduates, according to the Office of Institutional Research. From this fact alone, a Dartmouth outsider might reasonably imagine that students here engage in political discussion on a regular basis, perhaps even staying up all night to debate the issues they're passionate about.

To Teach or Not to Touch? Politics in the Classroom

(10/07/11 2:00am)

As the Republican primary debate and its attendant media frenzy descend on Dartmouth, we will be confronted by political issues whether we like it or not. In particular, politics plays an important, yet often undiscussed, role in the classroom. We've all taken a class in which the professor has injected his or her own political views into discussions or lectures, inevitably shaping classroom dynamics. In the spirit of the politically charged season, I interviewed a number of College faculty members to hear their personal pedagogies on politics in the classroom.