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"Right" and Wrong

(11/19/10 4:00am)

In his recent article "Right and Right' (Nov. 18)," Jordan Osserman quips: "I guess that means I'd better start apologizing to the Interfraternity Council." While doubtless intended as a snide remark to further belittle our fine institution, it is actually the best idea he has had yet. Osserman's complaints against the fraternity system are as incorrect and ignorant as they are self-serving and self-righteous. While I hate to grant Osserman the attention it seems he so desperately seeks, I feel obligated to provide campus with another perspective lest they be misled by his egregious claims.

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Diagnosing the Divide

(11/19/10 4:00am)

Other than the general desire to remain "a small college," there is nothing that unites Dartmouth students and alumni like the Greek system. Whether it's Hanover Police threatening to enact sting operations ("Stricter alcohol plans outrage Greek orgs.", Feb. 5) or the administration proposing broad changes, such as with the Student Life Initiative ("Trustees to End Greek System As We Know It'", Feb. 10, 1999), "those who love it" have rallied to protect our social system: an open, flexible, alumni-supported collection of fraternities and sororities. But when it comes to Dartmouth's greatest problems binge drinking, sexual assault and gender relations it is this unique set of circumstances that not only facilitates these issues, but perpetuates them.

The DM Manual of Style

(11/19/10 4:00am)

We have decided, here at The Manual, to discuss this week's theme of gender as it relates to the fashion community at Dartmouth and the larger fashion world. Gender is frequently seen as the fundamental inspiration for fashion lines. When considering design and construction, designers frequently fall back to the male-female gender binary creating tired, uninspired lines that don't push any boundaries or provoke any questions. For these reasons we have become highly intrigued with the concept of androgyny in fashion.

The Sex Factor: How does our College contribute to student perceptions of sex

(11/19/10 4:00am)

Upon approaching Kate Taylor '13, a Sexpert and a Sociology major with a concentration in women and gender studies, I noticed she had two documents open on her computer. One was a paper for her "Women and the Bible" class entitled, "Potiphar's Wife: Sexual Independence and the Status Quo," a critical essay exploring biblical portrayals of female sexuality as unnatural and demonized due to the androcentric culture of the time. The second was a rough draft of the weekly Sexpert newsletter, "The Hump-Day Gazette," co-founded by Taylor, which comprised of articles with names like, "Girl Meet Gyno," "A Cherry from a Different Fruit Tree" and, my personal favorite, "Strong Woman, Strong Hymen."

The Drunkest Girls at the Party

(11/19/10 4:00am)

We are both drunk girls, but we also both have penises (what up Lady GaGa). We sink fulls and halves and occasionally (by occasionally, we mean never) get golden tree'd. We were going to write about how pong is the great gender equalizer, but then we blacked in, put down our lemonade Four Lokos and Gusanoz especial and remembered, oh wait, that still really isn't true we are the exception because we are post-gender and mid-alcohol poisoning.