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This War is the Answer

(11/20/09 4:00am)

It's not often in our country when transfers of power produce serious policy changes. The Obama honeymoon period significantly improved the nation's general foreign relations, but that was more of a product of our neighbors' thankfulness that they didn't have to put up with Bush, rather than a result of American pressure. So how is it that the War on Terrorism, the primary motivation of Bush's foreign policy and his greatest legacy, has come under intense scrutiny?

VERBUM ULTIMUM: Constructive Consolidation

(11/20/09 4:00am)

College President Jim Yong Kim will never be accused of sitting idle during his first five months in office Parkhurst Hall has undergone significant restructuring under his watch, much of it long overdue. While we have been apprehensive about some of the change mostly notably the unusual timing of former Provost Barry Scherr's decision to step down earlier this fall these rearrangements have represented significant steps toward addressing inefficiencies and redundancies that have plagued the College's central administration for years. Many of these inefficiencies were enumerated in a McKinsey and Company review of the College conducted four years ago.

ROLLIN' WITH DOLAN: What I'm Thankful For

(11/20/09 4:00am)

Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. The food is great it's perfectly acceptable to eat like an American, and you get to have that post-Thanksgiving dinner nap. I mean, the nap alone makes the whole holiday worth it. You get to fall asleep watching football, you're surrounded by your family and your dog is probably snoring somewhere near you it's just great. Seriously, can you think of a better nap than that? If you exclude substance-induced ones, it's not even a contest.

Kim announces administrative consolidation

(11/19/09 4:30pm)

Kadish, who followed Kim to Dartmouth from Harvard, has played an increasingly significant role at the College since he assumed his current position just five months ago. Kim said in the e-mail that chief human resources officer Traci Nordberg, associate vice president for fiscal affairs Julie Dolan and director of operations management Lisa Celone will all now report to Kadish, in addition to the Investment Office.

(11/19/09 4:00am)

Former Missouri State Senator Jeff Smith (center), 37, speaks with members of the media on the steps of the Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse in St. Louis Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009. Smith plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy to obstruct justice in relationship to an investigation of his losing 2004 run for Congress. Smith resigned his seat in the state senate today. At left is attorney Richard Greenberg. (AP PHOTO/Sid Hastings) BC-MO--Lawmakers-Investigation

Daily Debriefing

(11/19/09 4:00am)

Education Secretary Arne Duncan pledged to re-examine Higher Education Act reporting requirements for colleges and universities in light of criticism about the preparation and filing costs, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on Tuesday. Federal officials, though, have made similar assurances in the past. These promises have not brought fiscal relief, as federal reporting requirements continue to grow. Many institutions argue that the new federal reports, which are intended to improve student performance, do not achieve this goal, instead serving only as a financial burden. Duncan said he will reduce some of this regulatory burden if colleges improve overall student achievement. Congress approved a bill last year that mandated an examination of reporting costs within two years of the act's passage, The Chronicle reported.

Econ. prof. is signatory on health care reform letter to Obama

(11/19/09 4:00am)

Dartmouth economics professor Jonathan Skinner joined 22 other economists in sending a letter to President Barack Obama on Tuesday lauding several provisions included in the Senate Finance Committee's version of the health care bill that they said could "lower health care costs and help reduce deficits over the long term." Obama referenced the letter in a statement on Wednesday.