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Alumni to take legal action against College

(10/03/07 6:39am)

The executive committee of Dartmouth's Association of Alumni voted in a late-night conference call Tuesday to file for an injunction that would stop the College from filling its eight new seats on the Board of Trustees. The Association's leadership is seeking to prevent the board from changing the balance between alumni-elected and board-appointed trustees and to require the College to continue to seat trustees elected by alumni.

MLB playoff predictions from the guy who really knows

(10/03/07 5:05am)

When my editor first asked me to write this year's Major League Baseball postseason preview, I was admittedly hesitant. I've never been a fan of prediction columns, as they have a way of eventually making the writer look foolish. In fact, the only thing I can confidently guarantee about this postseason is that we'll all be subjected to an endless stream of annoying Dane Cook commercials. That being said, I'm happy to present my 2007 playoff preview.

The Glove: 1-2 never felt so good

(10/03/07 5:04am)

Though it was ulcer-inducing, the Big Green pulled out a 21-13 victory over the mighty Quakers of the University of Pennsylvania this past weekend. Despite being outgained by 62 yards, Dartmouth held strong in the red zone, and stopped Penn on both third and fourth down conversions, problems for them in previous weeks. Penn's offense was inside the Big Green 20-yard line seven times, and came away with only one touchdown and two field goals, fantastic results for Dartmouths defense. Moreover, the Big Green defense only allowed Penn to convert on seven of 22 third-down conversions and two of eight fourth down conversions, both very good percentages, and an indicator of a team that can win close games.

Field Hockey falls to UPenn, 5-1

(10/03/07 5:03am)

Entering the season, the field hockey team fronted a robust recruiting class, with seven new recruits. Many of them have been contributing significant minutes and have all helped to add more consistency and depth to a team that was largely made up of upperclassmen in previous years. Although the team went 3-14 last season and ended 2006 on a nine-game slide, Dartmouth was determined to right its ship during winter and spring training.

'Elah' packs emotional punch into murder mystery

(10/03/07 5:00am)

And who better to bear these emotional scars than Tommy Lee Jones? The venerable actor has played his share of comedies, but his granite-hewn features seem most at home when employed in the expression of unspoken grief. Jones' stoicism reaches an apex of sorts in the form of Hank Deerfield, a gravel hauler and Vietnam veteran who receives a phone call one morning informing him that his son Mike (Jonathan Tucker) has gone AWOL upon arriving home from Iraq. With barely a word to his wife Joan (Susan Sarandon), Hank climbs into his pick-up truck and drives two days to Fort Rudd to investigate his son's whereabouts.


(10/03/07 4:59am)

Governance is not a problem peculiar to Dartmouth. All large organizations -- business corporations and government agencies as well as nonprofits like Dartmouth -- are run by managers or administrators. Human nature being what it is, these managers or administrators tend to use the power delegated to them for their own advantage. Instead of simply performing the functions with which they are charged, they divert their efforts and the organization's resources to furthering their own interests. This is not because they are bad people; it is because they are perfectly normal people and so have difficulty resisting temptation. The problem of governance is the problem of limiting such undesirable behavior.

The Bear and the Olive Branch

(10/03/07 4:56am)

Despite the "lobster summit" held in Maine between Presidents Bush and Putin this past summer, no agreement was reached with Russia regarding the U.S.-proposed missile defense shield to be built in Poland and the Czech Republic. Putin has offered a joint program to be built in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. Additionally, Putin has threatened to pull out of a Cold War era disarmament treaty, the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty, if the United States proceeds with its unilateral plans. Ironically, it was the United States' unilateral pullout of the Antiballistic Missile Treaty, in order to build the missile defense shield, that prompted this "crisis" and subsequent warning. (Thank you, Mr. Bush.)

Daily Debriefing

(10/02/07 7:43am)

Facebook has been subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo on charges of consumer fraud, the New York Times reported Sunday. Facebook claims that it is safer than rival social networking sites in protecting young users from sexual predators -- a claim refuted by Cuomo. The motion to subpoena Facebook, which Cuomo announced last week, came after the company failed to respond to multiple security criticisms by state investigators and undercover officials who posed as child users on the site and were reportedly approached by sexual predators. Facebook spokesperson Brandee Barker said that the company is "constantly working on processes and technologies that will further improve the safety and user control on the site."

Hop replaces "Friends" program

(10/02/07 7:41am)

The Hopkins Center has established two new membership programs intended to finance student activities and potentially bring more performers to the center. The programs, introduced in July, replace the 40-year-old Friends of the Hopkins Center and Hood Museum program. The split allowed each group's members to focus on the center's mission statement, to "ignite and sustain a passion for the arts in the community," said Lisa Vallejo-Sorensen, the Hop's publicist and media relations coordinator.

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