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Jazz show was wacky but melodious

(10/10/07 3:35am)

To be honest, I wanted to be proven wrong, so I resolved to suspend that particular bias for the duration of the concert. I figured, if anyone could concoct an energetic and unique stage performance while retaining the intellectual oomph of good jazz, it would be grandmaster Scofield. Two hours, several yawns and a kindly sleep-thwarting slap from my girlfriend later, I sadly realized he could not.

Daily Debriefing

(10/09/07 5:01am)

Jonathan Skinner, the John Sloan Dickey Center Third Century professor in economics, was among the 65 new members of the Institute of Medicine announced on Monday. The IOM is an internationally recognized resource for independent research on human health issues. IOM President Harvey V. Fineberg said Skinner was picked during "a highly selective process," and has been granted "one of the highest honors in the fields of medicine and health." Skinner's work, done alongside Dartmouth Medical School professors Elliot Fisher and John E. Wennberg, has studied the nature of unequal health care in the United States. Skinner's research has concluded that regional differences can account for as much as $125,000 per person in health care expenditures, and that hospital quality tends to be worse when dealing with African-American patients.

Zac Efron: Hot Heartthob or Teenyboppin' Terror?

(10/09/07 3:33am)

Allison Ruderman '10: Disney turned him into a brand, correctly reading the tweenage demand for a star with a just-passable voice and a Beatles mop top updated with highlights. Now, with "Hairspray" behind him and a contract to play Ren in the upcoming "Footloose" remake, "High School Musical's" Zac Efron is Hollywood's resident it-boy. Thankfully, stars whose fans skew young typically experience a quick plunge from fame. That's because a) preteens eventually grow up, moving on to bigger and better stars (like Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey) and b) the stars themselves ditch the wholesome shtick. Zac's real-life and onscreen girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens lost Disney-approved appeal when she bared all in the public eye. Zac, too, could be one scandal away from obscurity.

Sailing team braves conditions, sends racers to four regattas

(10/09/07 2:40am)

After a weekend in which the team had fairly subpar showing at MIT's Smith Trophy Regatta, placing 17th, it was important to put forth a strong performance in this weekend's races. Team members and coaches knew coming into the regattas that they were capable of success, but that they would have to stay focused throughout the events.

Eating In

(10/09/07 2:32am)

It pains me to respond to -- and thus validate -- Aurora Wells '10's article on eating out ("Aurora's guide to eating out," Oct. 5), but it would be irresponsible of me to ignore its significance. The article demonstrates an acceptance of the egregious gendered double standards that thrive on this campus. However, using institutions -- such as The Dartmouth and other campus resources -- for the purpose of creating a collective voice of the oppressed on campus is a misguided approach for relieving discomfort with the "male-dominated" aspects of campus.

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