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DARTOPOLY: Playing House Off Campus

(08/03/06 9:00am)

As many students forsake dormitory life and begin to "play house" in off campus residences, the meaning of "sophomore summer -- no parents!" becomes even more apparent. Off-campus houses strike the perfect balance between the autonomy undergrads crave (the freedom to eat anything at any point, have gratuitous sleepovers, leave beds unmade and throw parties whenever the urge strikes) without getting into too many of the "real world" icky realities (homeowner insurance, house maintenance and repair, and (gulp!)a job and steady income).

Landis in limbo: Tour controversy exposes sports' dark side

(08/01/06 9:00am)

As the world awaits the outcome of the Tour de France winner's backup urine test, it appears that no matter what result the lab finds, the controversy and underlying problems will remain. Regardless of the awaited results, the Landis situation typifies the crisis damaging professional sports and the imperfect solutions being applied.

My Relationship with The D

(08/01/06 9:00am)

As I sit in the Fourth Floor of Berry Library attempting to create something coherent, I'm having a problem I often seem to have: what issue to tackle? If I choose something broad (world affairs, national issues), aren't the same topics being debated in more prestigious forums and newspapers throughout the country? What type of authority do I have to offer a solution, since my expertise is minimal at best? Fortunately for all of you, that isn't the purpose of this column. The purpose is my personal questioning of the role of this beloved newspaper.

Bringing political energy to Dartmouth

(08/01/06 9:00am)

With the Democratic National Committee's recent proposal to change the calendar of state presidential contests, many here at Dartmouth have speculated on how the new system will affect the political climate here on campus. While the change may not have an immediate impact, it is possible that in the long run, candidates will reduce the amount of time they spend visiting Dartmouth during primary season.

Daily Debriefing

(08/01/06 9:00am)

A team of Dartmouth researchers has been selected to share in $2.3 million of NASA funds. The researchers will conduct studies that will facilitate auxiliary missions on a larger mission that will launch in 2012. Dartmouth's portion of the research will focus on "mechanisms that will cause the Earth's radiation belts to periodically drain away into the planet's atmosphere," according to a statement. The College is sharing the funds with researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Central Florida, Orlando, who have been assigned to conduct different studies in the same project. NASA has also provided $100 million in funds to be split between four teams of researchers conducting studies and supporting hardware for the main portion of the mission.

Fla. schools consult the College on year-long ed.

(08/01/06 9:00am)

Mark Rosenberg, chancellor for the Florida public university system, is encouraging the state's public universities to offer a full curriculum throughout the entire calendar year, arguing that the switch to year-round education would enable students to graduate faster, increase graduation and retention rates and more efficiently utilize state facilities.