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Carlton impresses sparse audience

(10/05/05 9:00am)

Vanessa Carlton played last night in Spaulding, in case you weren't aware and didn't notice the "frickin' huge" sign that the singer and pianist referred to in her introduction. The program was a mix of songs from her latest album "Harmonium," new songs she plans on including in her upcoming album and -- of course -- the obligatory "A Thousand Miles" that established the artist's fame.

Moans About Cell Phones

(10/05/05 9:00am)

Watching four '09s simultaneously whip out their cell phones and exchange phone numbers, my friends and I chuckled as we ate dinner at Food Court the other week. However, the joke is on us. No longer simply the hallmark of un-assimilated freshmen, cell phones have become the fall's hottest new accessory across campus. Rather than receiving a culture shock, the '09s are shocking the culture. With upgraded cell service in the Upper Valley, cell phones have gone from socially taboo to seemingly ubiquitous, found from the Green to Food Court to fourth-floor Berry and beyond.

Burton's beautiful 'Bride' explores the outcast experience

(10/04/05 9:00am)

Directors Tim Burton and Mike Johnson combine the land of the living with the realm of the dead in order to create the visually striking and musically catchy "The Corpse Bride." Yet "Corpse Bride" is not so much a movie as it is a series of beautifully created images set to music, which is not surprising since Burton and Johnson shot it entirely with digital cameras using stop-motion photography. In a time when it seems that most animated (and many live-action) movies depend on computer animation, Burton and Johnson's atypical choice of puppets is refreshing and yields remarkable results.

Women's tennis shows well at fall Brown Invitational

(10/04/05 9:00am)

The Dartmouth women's tennis team took to the courts this weekend in preseason action at the Brown Invitational in Providence, R.I. During the round robin that began Saturday and ended Sunday, the ladies in green battled Rutgers, Boston University and the host Bears, enjoying mixed results in singles, while dropping all nine of their doubles matches.

Men's golf takes 2nd

(10/04/05 9:00am)

Hanover may not be as synonymous with golf as St. Andrews or Augusta, but Dartmouth's golf reputation just improved in a big way this weekend. On Sunday, the men's golf team took second place at the ECAC Championships in Farmington, Conn. They may not be walking away with green jackets, but the five Dartmouth participants this weekend tallied the best 36-hole score for the Big Green in five years, eclipsing eight of the other nine teams competing at Tunxis Plantation Golf Course.