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On Faith Alone

(10/13/04 9:00am)

Since well before he was even elected as President of the United States, much was made of George W. Bush's deep religious faith. Indeed, Bush himself admits that he often relies heavily on faith when making his decisions. I personally think this is a gold mine for the Bush Cheney re-election effort. "On Faith Alone" would be a good slogan for the Bush administration's re-election campaign. It's simple and catchy, with little real substance behind it. It works well for a campaign that cares more about photo-ops and headlines than about substance or sincerity. In short, it's perfect for the president's run for re-election.

Construction Woes

(10/12/04 9:00am)

As I slept in my bed in Maxwell early one morning, my room began to vibrate. At first, I incorporated these vibrations into my dream as an earthquake. I quickly awoke, however, to find that the intense tremors through my room were not really a natural disaster; just a friendly wake-up call from the construction workers outside my dorm.

Remember Freedom?

(10/12/04 9:00am)

America seems to have befriended the former Soviet Union since the fall of the Berlin Wall. With its fall, Americans applauded the lifting of the Iron Curtain and the normalization of relations with the Soviets. Today, while still maintaining some diplomatic differences, the United States provides aid to Russia to prevent further brain drain to rogue nations and to help secure and maintain its haphazardly stored nuclear material and barely dismantled nuclear warheads. The Bush Administration speaks of Russia as our friend and President Bush refers to President Putin as "friend Vladimir." Meanwhile, that friend has quietly shut down the last privately-owned Russian television station, locked up an oil mogul for making contributions to the opposition party, reinforced "loyalty to the top" as the government's paradigm and replaced disloyal governors at will. All this has been accomplished with the quiet and resolve of a KGB agent. Shockingly, Vladimir Putin received KGB training.

At College, Bad Plus offers more pluses than minuses

(10/11/04 9:00am)

The Bad Plus is a Midwestern trio that combines jazz, rock, blues and beyond to create a fresh sound that is wholly original. Drummer David King and bassist Reid Anderson are from Minnesota while pianist Ethan Iverson hails from Wisconsin. The band formed in 1990 when Anderson and Iverson were playing restaurants across the Midwest.

Carney's Blarney

(10/11/04 9:00am)

In a recent letter to The Dartmouth, Vaughn Carney ("Scare Tactics, Part Two," October 1) launched into a painfully uninformed diatribe against the Bush Administration and its alleged attempts to reinstate the military draft. The author apparently thought Dartmouth students gullible enough to accept this claim without checking the facts. I hold my classmates in higher regard than that. Consequently, having checked into the facts, I wish to here cast a light on the current draft legislation. Seen through any of its three possible prisms, this light reflects poorly on Carney's credibility.

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