On Faith Alone

by Vikash Reddy | 10/13/04 5:00am

Since well before he was even elected as President of the United States, much was made of George W. Bush's deep religious faith. Indeed, Bush himself admits that he often relies heavily on faith when making his decisions. I personally think this is a gold mine for the Bush Cheney re-election effort. "On Faith Alone" would be a good slogan for the Bush administration's re-election campaign. It's simple and catchy, with little real substance behind it. It works well for a campaign that cares more about photo-ops and headlines than about substance or sincerity. In short, it's perfect for the president's run for re-election.

As with every election, promises were made four years ago. Both candidates promised us economic growth. Both candidates promised us better schools. Both candidates promised us that Big Business wouldn't be allowed to dictate policy. Both candidates promised us security.

Four years ago, we were promised economic growth. Al Gore made this pledge as the nation's vice president during a time of unprecedented prosperity. In the case of then-Gov. Bush, we had little to judge him by other than his failed oil dealings and his record as the governor of a state in which the governor's job is to do next to nothing. The nation seemed to believe that Bush could deliver. We've lost over three million jobs and the jobs that have been created pay, on average, over $9,000 less per year than the jobs that have been lost. Average wages have fallen. And the rate of growth of the average salary has declined. After three years of finger pointing, we're being promised economic growth again. With little evidence to suggest that this administration can deliver on its promise, it's a promise we'll have to take on faith alone.

We were told that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq " weapons we still haven't found. It was a claim that the administration wouldn't back up in public. Colin Powell went before the United Nations and proclaimed that Saddam Hussein had acquired so called "yellow cake" from Niger, another false claim from the administration. There was a supposed link between Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein -- a link the 9/11 Commission couldn't find. All of these were claims we were forced to believe on faith alone.

We were told that the mission in Iraq had been accomplished. Am I the only one who finds it distressing that more people have died since the end of the combat operations? The number of high-level members of the new Iraqi government who have been killed continues to climb. The president assures us that Iraq will soon be a safe and secure place. I hope the president is right, but I'm going to have to take his assurances on faith alone.

We were told that no child would be left behind but the very next year, the president left the money behind when he went on another photo-op to an elementary school. When W. signed the legislation, we believed that he would give it the money he had promised to give. We're being promised better schools again. Given no reason to believe that he'll deliver on his promise this time, I suppose we'll have to hope that history doesn't repeat itself and accept this campaign pledge on faith alone.

Dick Cheney refused to turn over the list of participants from his energy task force. It seems to me as though the vice president has something to hide. I guess we'll just have to trust that the policy wasn't influenced to heavily by Enron and Halliburton. I guess we'll just have to accept that one on faith alone.

This President maintains that God intended for him to be president, and that God speaks through him. While he consults with his "advisors," we're talking about a president who often makes decisions on faith alone.

This president has squandered the good faith of the international community and has abused the faith of Americans.

Unfortunately for him, his record as president is so atrocious that faith is the only thing he has left.

Bush-Cheney 2004 On Faith Alone.