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Big Green defense looks to have its way with Cornell

(11/07/03 11:00am)

It's almost a week since the Big Green football team turned the Ivy League on its ear with a 30-16 upset win over Harvard at the Harvard Stadium Centennial Celebration, and it's a good bet that in Cambridge, Crimson fingers are still scratching Crimson heads trying to figure out exactly what happened to their previously undefeated Crimson team.

A Special Message from the Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

(11/07/03 11:00am)

People of Malaysia Apparently, my comments about the Jews at the Islamic Organization Conference a few weeks ago sparked a worldwide uproar, with leaders of many nations -- mostly European ones with banking secrecy laws -- calling me a demagogue and an anti-Semite. I never realized the West was so fond of the fatwa. [Wait for laughs.] Perhaps I should ring Salman for his advice [Longer pause for bigger laughs.]

Language departments offer cultural enrichment

(11/07/03 11:00am)

Dartmouth language departments are no longer just about teaching students mastery of a foreign language and its literature. Many European language departments, including the department of German studies and the department of French and Italian, are refocusing their courses to reflect cultural studies, in an effort to accommodate the evolving interests of Dartmouth students.

Forget the hype, 'Room on Fire' is just plain great

(11/06/03 11:00am)

Forget that Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich almost produced it, because he didn't. Stop the comments about contrived scruffiness, skinny ties and posh New York upbringings, because those things never changed the music. And don't even think about making a "this is it" pun -- leave that to Ryan Adams and journalists of the New York Post school. Take this for what it is.

"Neon" Can't Light Falcons' Way

(11/06/03 11:00am)

The Atlanta Falcons are currently 1-7 without superstar-in-the-making Michael Vick at quarterback, and head coach Dan Reeves is rumored to have as good as shot at being the Falcons' coach next year as Al Sharpton has of being President in 2005. Into this mess comes the mighty "Prime Time" Deion Sanders saying "I want to be the Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons." The same line was then re-iterated by the shiny-dressed one on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, followed by Tony Kornheiser saying "I'd hire him."

Bush's Economic Report

(11/06/03 11:00am)

During the Bush administration, both monetary and fiscal policy have been expansionary, and the growth in real output in the past quarter of more than seven percent indicates that these policies were effective. The Federal Reserve reduced the Federal funds rate from 6.5 percent in 2001 to 1.25 percent in 2002. As described in the "Economic Report of the President, 2003," a reduction in interest rates is expected to stimulate demand by "encouraging consumption (particularly of durables), stimulating business investment (by lowering the cost of capital), promoting residential investment (as seen from the booming housing sector), and lowering the foreign exchange value of the dollar (which tends to raise exports and lower imports)."

On Playing Sisyphus

(11/06/03 11:00am)

Everything seemed to be falling into place for the Democratic Party. The month of October saw some of the most redemptive and satisfying political highs Democrats had enjoyed in months. Rumsfeld sweating through the memo leak saga, the President's popularity evaporating like crushed up Oxycontin from under Rush Limbaugh's nose, Republican congressmen questioning Iraqi intelligence reports, the Yankees (the Republicans of baseball) losing to the Marlins (symbolically the Democrats) -- these were signs of a Republican apocalypse.