Phi Delt to host its first recognized party since 2000

by Megan Spillane | 11/7/03 6:00am

Phi Delta Alpha will face a test of whether or not it can function as a full fraternity this Saturday when it will host its first registered open party since the house was derecognized over three years ago.

"The house is really excited to throw a party, and it should be the first of many if it goes smoothly," Social Chair Tyler Lavin '05 said. The party will feature a Rolling Stones tribute band, "Sticky Fingers," whom Entertainment Weekly has called "the ultimate tribute band."

With significant building renovations completed and given their continued adherence with established procedures, Phi Delta Alpha stands poised to complete the re-recognition process.

"We submitted our application for re-recognition in Fall 2002 and hopefully will realize the goal of that application as soon as possible," Phi Delt President Graham Rasmussen '05 said.

Phi Delt has been considered a colony since taking its first pledge class in over two years last winter. According to Rasmussen, a colony is a type of provisional standing intended to enable a house to build up its numbers and traditions so that it might be able to function as a full fraternity.

Phi Delt first had to prove that it could function as a residential fraternity. The house, located at 5 Webster Avenue, became residential midway through Summer term after extensive renovations were performed on the house, according to House Manager Phil Andersen '05.

These renovations included the installation of firewalls, fire retardant doors, new fire detectors, and sprinklers. Ethernet was installed for both computers and voice-over-IP phones, and cosmetic work was done throughout the house. Within the next 12 months, a second enclosed stairway will be added to the rear of the house, in compliance with new fire codes.

"The alumni corporation, which owns the house and oversees the fraternity as a whole, has played a very integral part in this process," Andersen noted.

"We feel very close to the goal of rerecognition at this point because we are very near to fulfilling the major obligations that ORL has asked of us," Rasmussen said.In addition to completing the structural renovations, Phi Delt has maintained a working relationship with the administration and, like all fraternities, has been following an action plan. "We have been following a plan that has been created by a very healthy dialogue between the Deans, our alumni, and our undergraduate executives," Rasmussen said.