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Galbraith meets mixed reviews

(05/07/02 9:00am)

In its program notes for the Paul Galbraith performance Sunday night, the Hopkins Center called his style a "groundbreaking development in the history of classical guitar." But before you imagine "groundbreaking developments" as if they were somehow grand revelations or massive revolutions, note these key words: "classical guitar." Classical guitarists are distinguished from the likes of Jimi Hendrix primarily by the manufacture of the guitar itself and the fact that classical guitarists use their fingers only, not guitar picks.

Defending Our Rights

(05/07/02 9:00am)

As a young idealistic student, I've heard and been told not only that activism is useless and in vain and that true civics is a concept from the past, but that today's students are also apathetic. Well, I don't buy it. I am taking back my youthful power and encouraging you to do the same. The "American way of life" -- ensuring our right to question, receive answers, disagree, petition and be represented by those who have our interests in mind -- should not be for sale.

Anastasio solo debut has a little too much to offer

(05/06/02 9:00am)

There is something to be said for an album that has a sense of continuity to it. I'm not saying that every album should be some drawn-out concept album, but there should some resemblance between the songs on a recording. Former Phish mastermind Trey Anastasio's self-titled debut solo album has no continuity whatsoever -- it is a veritable grab bag of music.