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A Hazy Shade of Terror

(11/15/01 11:00am)

After a month and a half of bombing, America has forced the Taliban to flee from their capital city. Now, more than ever before, word is out that nations responsible for terrorism shall perish from this earth. The networking and sophistication allowed by state-sponsored terrorism will also come tumbling down in a rain of firepower that it can not match. It's been pretty amazing, whether you like it or not; and yet, we must not forget that the hardest battle of the "War on Terrorism" has barely begun.

Sailors frustrated by light winds

(11/14/01 11:00am)

The seas were calm, too calm in fact, as the coed sailing team had a rough weekend in Charleston. The Big Green coeds finished a distant 10th in the field of 16 as the premier regatta of the fall, the Atlantic Coast Championships, was marked by extremely light winds. The women's team, meanwhile, competed at the Women's ACCs at Navy and faired slightly better, placing third. As for the freshman, they had another strong showing, coming in second at their version of the ACCs, hosted by Brown.

A Grand Old Drive

(11/14/01 11:00am)

Over the months I've been writing for "The D," my columns have leaned 90 degrees to the Right, the free market, and the relentless and unfettered pursuit of all the things that we conservatives love -- defense spending, oil drilling, and tax cuts. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that today I'm writing about how something invented since the Eisenhower Administration is weakening the moral fiber of America and undermining our ability to resist the insidious threat posed by foreign forces. It isn't the Education Department -- no, that bloated federal agency is beyond help. It isn't MTV or the National Organization of Women. All of these insult the Republican, but this threat cannot be avoided, tuned out, or exorcised away by a God-fearing minister.

Apathy replaces the controversy that surrounded ROTC during the Vietnam-era, few students choose ROTC today

(11/14/01 11:00am)

Approximately 80 students stormed and took over Parkhurst Hall for 12 hours in 1969 to protest Dartmouth's ROTC program. Opposition to the College's military ties and the trustees' conflicting decision to sustain the Reserve Officer Training Corps in a time of such prominent anti-war movements drove protestors to occupy the administration building.