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Look for Green Offense to Prevail

(11/02/01 11:00am)

Harvard never knew what hit them. There they were, strolling along at 5-0, getting ready to face a 1-4 Dartmouth team that had been going even further downhill since its star quarterback broke his middle finger. The Crimson fully expecting to have at least as easy a game as last year's 49-7 thrashing that spoiled the Big Green's Homecoming festivities, but Harvard had another thing coming.

Lions Looking For 3

(11/02/01 11:00am)

Princeton vs. Penn: The Princeton Tigers ought to just quit and save themselves the embarrassment, because this game will be a pounding of old-school proportions. Pennsylvania is the superior team in every major offensive and defensive category, including total offense per game, points scored per game, points allowed per game, rushing offense, passing offense, and completion percentage.

Show Some Teeth

(11/01/01 11:00am)

In my few months here at Dartmouth, I've noticed a strange Dr. Seuss dichotomy in the students. We are at once friendly as the people of Who-Ville, and as unsmiling as the Grinch. I feel warm and happy and at peace with the world according to Dartmouth when strangers go to the extra effort -- albeit often needless and awkward effort -- to open doors for me. I find everyone to be relatively courteous in the dining halls and classrooms. I appreciate the relatively humane treatment of us froshy '05s, and sometimes, I admit, as an overly excited and energetic freshman, I want to gather everyone on the Green for a rousing chorus of "dahoo dores." We would make wonderful inhabitants of Who-Ville but for one small detail: we seem incapable of simply saying hello.

Give Me Five!

(11/01/01 11:00am)

Remember when it was cool to high five? (Correct Answer: yes) I would say that the high five really hit its peak right around the time I was in the third grade. Boy, did we take our aerial hand slaps seriously. "I regret that I have but one life in which to high five" was our motto well not really but if we had thought of that then I bet we would have used it! I mean, every circumstance seemed appropriate for the 'ole five up high:

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