Lions Looking For 3

by Adam Cohen | 11/2/01 6:00am

Princeton vs. Penn: The Princeton Tigers ought to just quit and save themselves the embarrassment, because this game will be a pounding of old-school proportions. Pennsylvania is the superior team in every major offensive and defensive category, including total offense per game, points scored per game, points allowed per game, rushing offense, passing offense, and completion percentage.

Princeton's defense is ineffective and its offense may be even worse. The Tigers' offense can look forward to being shut down by Penn's top-ranked defense, which has allowed an average of only seven points per game.

Penn should have its third-string players in by halftime.

Harvard vs. Columbia: Although Harvard is undefeated, the Crimson really does not deserve the kudos that goes with being ranked first in the league. Harvard has come very close to losing to some very questionable teams, primarily Princeton, which is among the worst in the league and possibly Division I-AA.

Considering their dominance of Columbia in every major offensive and defensive statistical category, this should be an easy win for the Crimson. However, given Harvard's previous encounters with subpar teams, Columbia has a realistic chance for an upset.

Despite losing their first four games of the season, the Lions are coming off of two straight wins, including a 28-14 win over Yale last weekend.

Harvard's luck has come to an end. Columbia should take this one.

Brown vs. Yale: Yale better hope that its defense gets solid real quick, because Brown's offense is a proven powerhouse. The only thing that has kept Brown from riding its number-one-ranked offense to an undefeated season has been its eighth-ranked defense.

Yale's defense is only mildly better than Brown's defense, allowing only four less points per game. However, Brown's quarterback, Kyle Rowley, leads the league in passing by almost 300 yards with 1,749 on the season. The Brown team should be able to ride the passing game to victory, provided that its defense does not crumble.

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