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Change the Channel

(11/05/01 11:00am)

I have always been a staunch defender of the free press and of the proliferation of 24-hour news networks. In recent years, the media seems to have taken the place of idle investigators in many of the nation's most closely watched stories. In both the recent Chandra Levy disappearance (remember that?) and the investigation and subsequent impeachment of President Clinton, the press actually assisted what appeared to be incompetent law enforcement and justice department officials by breaking stories and extracting additional evidence from key witnesses. Although constant coverage of these stories may have made us all nauseous, it did help to propel the stories forward. For most Americans, these relatively trivial occurrences became a daily soap opera, with episodes being broadcast continually throughout the day whether or not there was any new information to talk about. Now that the news channels have the task of informing America about continuing threats to our livelihood as well as our military efforts abroad, it appears we have created a monster.

Hope for Harmony

(11/05/01 11:00am)

These are troubled times, it's true. Our ideas and preconceptions are constantly challenged; our prejudices are being dragged out into the unforgiving light of truth. With this in mind, we should recognize the importance of not merely tolerating those who are different from us, but accepting them completely and loving them as we would our brothers and sisters. However dissimilar from ourselves these people may seem on the outside, they are just as capable of decency and worthy of respect on the inside as we are.

Rivera shares courtroom stories

(11/05/01 11:00am)

When Marlon Rivera was 11 years old, he made what he calls his "first decision to run" and escaped from one group of gang members into the acceptance of another. This was the beginning of a gang career that ended six years later in a courtroom in Los Angeles, when a caring Jesuit priest helped to reduce Rivera's 17-years-to-life sentence to four years in juvenile hall.

Field Hockey Seeing Red

(11/02/01 11:00am)

Tomorrow's field hockey game (11 a.m., Scully-Fahey Field) is a tale of two clashing colors. The Big Red of Cornell (7-8, 2-4 Ivy) comes limping into Hanover for its season finale as the losers of five straight games. The Big Green (11-4, 3-2 Ivy) is surging toward a potential postseason berth and enters the contest riding a five-game streak of its own--a winning one.

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