Strike Through Ramadan

by Ryan Clark | 11/5/01 6:00am

To the Editor:

The debate over whether or not to bomb during Ramadan is ridiculous. First of all, this is a war. Letting up only gives the Islamic fascists (that's really all they are, thugs using religion as a veil for fascism) of Afghanistan time to regroup and recommit their forces. Secondly, it's not like Muslim countries have a stellar record of avoiding military action during Ramadan. After all, the Yom Kippur War was started by Egypt and Syria during Ramadan, thereby violating the sanctity of two religious holidays in one shot. Additionally, Iran and Iraq fought during Ramadan in their decade-long war. Finally, if is this is not a "war against Islam," do we not make it appear that it is when we structure our attacks around its calendar? This whole debate is just spin put forward by our half-hearted "allies" in the Middle East who are doing everything they can to prop up corrupt monarchies from surging domestic populations. And does anyone honestly believe that a pause in bombing will dramatically alter the view of the United States in the Muslim world? We have nothing to gain by maintaining a cease fire during Ramadan and much to lose.