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Moral War?

(04/16/99 9:00am)

War is rarely, if ever, a moral method for resolving a conflict, but the situation in Kosovo troubles even the most peaceable among us. Recent polls indicate that 60 percent of the American public support the air strikes against Serbia, up from 46 percent just before the bombing began. Nearly 50 percent favor sending ground troops, up from 31 percent at the beginning of the conflict. Support for U.S. action in the conflict is now driven, say the poll analysts, by those who believe we have a moral and humanitarian responsibility to intervene. What are the arguments and what are our moral obligations?

Tuning Out

(04/16/99 9:00am)

Back in the day when Howard Stern wasn't a nationally-broadcast household name, back when he could only be heard on New York area radio, before the television shows, movies, books -- even before his endorsements for Snapple helped make it the success it is today -- people hated him.

The Silent Denominator

(04/14/99 9:00am)

Over the past year, our campus has had many discussions about categories that we use to define and divide ourselves. In the fall, the ghetto party sparked dialogue about race. In the winter, the "Greek issue" was paramount. Most recently, we have been confronted by the issues of sexual and religious preferences. Palaeopitus would like to bring to your attention the topic of socioeconomic status (SES). It is a less salient categorization than the previously mentioned ones, but for that exact reason this "silent denominator" is one of the most important to recognize.