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The Mascot Search

(11/25/96 11:00am)

This whole thing started just over a year ago on a fall day in the middle of the week when I ran into four friends in food court and sat down for lunch. Out of our conversation, from no one in particular, sprang the question: "Why don't we have a mascot?" It wasn't the first time the question had been asked, nor the first time I'd thought about the answer, but for some reason this time the thought lingered in the air above us. We started talking. What-ifs and why-nots richocheted back and forth. And out of the banter came a plan: to find out if we could do something about Dartmouth's mascot vacancy.

The December Dilemma

(11/22/96 11:00am)

Arriving back in Hanover after Thanksgiving, we'll once again be greeted by that gargantuan needled mass that mysteriously grows overnight from the Green's fertile soil, strands of lights and all. When it comes time to light up this year's hunk o' pine, though, things will be a bit different. Instead of listening to the usual Glee Club carols, we'll be hearing a new musical selection. You see, this ain't no ordinary Christmas tree. This is a secular tree.