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Foreign Aid Is America's Responsibility

(10/29/96 11:00am)

Walking across the Green this weekend, I was approached by what was certainly not a Dartmouth student, asking for money in support of a community service program. Organizations flock to Dartmouth looking for money, and once we graduate our dear alma mater will reach out its open palm as well. It's only natural; we're expected to join the ranks of the American elite, and have more money than we could possible need for ourselves.

Ecce Homo

(10/28/96 11:00am)

It has recently come to my attention that some students at Dartmouth feel that my columns have not been of benefit to the public. While it is a policy of mine not to dignify bilious attacks by responding to them, I nevertheless feel that it is important that I deal with some misconceptions that seem to lie behind these recent outbursts of venom. Following Nietzsche's lead in his wonderful book, "Ecce Homo" (for the Latin challenged, this means "Behold the Man") I wish to lay out the philosophy behind all of my essays.

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