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'Erotica' and 'Pornography'

(11/21/95 11:00am)

Whenever I talk to someone about a Dartmouth Film Society movie in the "Sex in the Cinema" series, there is an attempt to divide it up into erotica or pornography. Supporters claim that the movie was erotica, while those who are opposed to the screening of the movie dismiss it as mere pornography. The way in which the two words are used to justify or dismiss something that we like or dislike is symptomatic of a hypocritical society. It usually turns out that the person using these words to mean different things has little idea of how exactly they differ.

The Political Animal Lives in Everyone

(11/21/95 11:00am)

We are all political animals by nature. That is Aristotle's assessment, as valid today as it ever was. Though we are all political animals, you wouldn't really notice it by looking at your peers here at Dartmouth. Considering that we are now in a community of informed and educated individuals, one would think that there would be more political activism on campus than there is.

Build New Residence Halls

(11/21/95 11:00am)

As a residential college, Dartmouth should be able to offer on-campus housing to any student who desires it. In their forthcoming housing report, Dean of Residential Life Mary Turco and Associate Dean of Residential Life Mary Turco should recommend that the College build a new cluster of residence halls -- a recommendation the College should implement immediately.

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