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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Hunger Awareness Week's success due to Community and College involement

To the Editor:

As the Volunteer Coordinator for Dartmouth Community Services at the Tucker Foundation, I would like to extend my thanks to the Dartmouth and Upper Valley communities for their participation in Hunger Awareness Week. Hunger Awareness Week took place Nov. 12-18, and included a 5 km. race, panel, keynote speaker and benefit concerts. It also included both campus and community food drives. The chair of Students Fighting Hunger, Ervin Tu '97, worked tirelessly before, during and after Hunger Awareness Week to make the week a success. His singular commitment ensured that the issues of hunger would not be forgotten this year.

As I sit writing, I can hardly move around my office without tripping over all the foodstuffs which were donated throughout the week. This year over 2,368 food items were given by Dartmouth and area people, as compared to the 800 items we collected last year! Upper Valley shoppers contributed enormously this past Saturday. The academic and college offices, who were particularly generous this year, also deserve great thanks. It is wonderful to know that the spirit of community is so alive as we approach Thanksgiving.