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The Family Values Equation for 1996

(10/30/95 11:00am)

In the aftermath of the 1992 Presidential election, analysts as well as many Republican leaders placed a good deal of the blame on the issue of family values. A term nearly unheard of until the campaign, family values soon became the topic of conversations everywhere from the kitchen table to the Oval Office. When George Bush and Dan Quayle emphasized the issue as a central pillar of their platform, the moderate Republicans and independents were frightened by the idea of bringing moral issues into a campaign. Meanwhile, Pat Buchanan sat at home, quite pleased with his work. It seems that no one has learned his lesson. But believe it or not, that might be for the best.

Is My Government Making Moral Decisions For Me?

(10/27/95 10:00am)

The only restriction that a government should place on its citizens is one that prevents one individual from suppressing the freedom of another. That is the spirit of democracy. Yet America, the gem of all democracies, is becoming a society increasingly riddled by restrictions, many of which reflect the moral values of a section of society. The following are four examples of what constitute unnecessary restriction of our freedom. In all of these cases, the main aim of the lawmaker appears to be the upholding of a moral value rather than the protection of citizens.

Harvard Weekend: A Sympton of 'The Harvard Complex'

(10/27/95 10:00am)

Like most of you, thanks to the football game with Harvard this weekend, I have most of today off. But unlike most of you, I'm sure, this fact in a way bothers me. And I know what you are all going to say: Why on earth is he complaining about a day off from classes? In my opinion, it speaks volumes about where our priorities lie as an institution if we place a certain football game above our education, which is what we are here for.