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Republicans Split Over Environment

(10/31/95 11:00am)

When I was younger, my father and granfather took me fishing in a forest that was filled with tall evergreen trees, oaks and maples, rolling hills, streams, lakes and deer. There are supposed to be bears in this forest, but we never saw those, so I can't say whether or not that's true. This forest, though, is remarkable, not because of what it has in it or because of its deer or trees. It is remarkable because it lies only forty-five minutes from the heart of midtown Manhattan.

The Limits of Tradition

(10/31/95 11:00am)

On my arrival at this college as a freshman, I was struck by a particular aspect of the culture of Dartmouth, namely, the emphasis on tradition. I was especially struck by the line in the Alma Mater that goes "Dear old Dartmouth give a rouse/Lest the old traditions fail." Being more impressionable then than I am now about the College, it seemed to be quite a fine thing that so great an emphasis was placed on tradition here. It made me feel as if I had joined some great and noble family, which with time and achievement had earned the right to its own peculiar customs and eccentricities.