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Replacements will not do

(11/03/95 11:00am)

With the NBA season set to begin tonight, chances are good that replacement referees will be officiating. The league locked out the referees on Oct. 1, and spokesmen on both sides admit that they are far apart in their negotiations. League official must recognize that to ensure the quality of basketball fans want to see, they must seriously look at the demands of current officials instead of simply looking to hire replacements.

Foreign Policy Based on Politics is Certain to Hurt U.S. Abroad

(11/03/95 11:00am)

I must admit that I hadn't been thinking much about foreign policy lately. But something I saw in the news last week made me stop and think. Recently, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani took it upon himself to throw Yassir Arafat, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, out of a concert in New York. He called Arafat "a criminal and a terrorist" in the process.

Residential Life was Wrong to Fire UGA

(11/03/95 11:00am)

Undergraduate Advisor is a position that entails a great deal of power on this campus. Like teachers, professors and other mentors, we UGAs have the ability to have a positive impact on minds equally bright, though less experienced than our own. It is a position that should be held with the utmost regard, for the power a UGA is capable of wielding is considerable.

Tri-Kap House Editorial Promoted Irrational Judgements of a Few

(11/02/95 11:00am)

Last week The Dartmouth editorialized that Kappa Chi Kappa's decision to revert to its historical name of Kappa Kappa Kappa damages the Dartmouth community because of the name's initials ("Change to Tri-Kap is Insensitive," Oct. 25). Doubtless some people will take offense at the name; that cannot be helped. However, by promoting the irrational judgments of a few, the newspaper does more harm.

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