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Coeducation: Look how far we've come...or have we?

(06/30/94 9:00am)

In The Dartmouth, Sept. 1867, on coeducation: "We anticipate a millennium which will please the most fastidious when ladies are admitted to a membership in American colleges. Men of penetration tell us that the time will come. We saw only this afternoon some ladies enter the library during its hours of business. Then we imagined when it should be an everyday matter and we should call her 'frater' and 'social.' But alas! these are but husks; the time is too far distant to congratulate ourselves with much assurance. It may happen to our successors. The days of chivalry will then revive 'former things that have passed away.' In such an age of progress it is impossible to forecast events. Be not surprised, ye gallants, if you are taken by storm before you expect; and sons of Dartmouth prepare to welcome her daughters."

Save the lawsuit against the President until he's 'Bill Clinton'

(06/30/94 9:00am)

On Monday, President Bill Clinton brought about some major changes in his presidential staff. Not his legal staff but, instead, in the actual close advisors of his presidency. It's very unfortunate that this distinction must be made because for the first time in the modern presidency, a sitting U.S. president has been sued.

BlitzMail habits don't always fit in

(06/30/94 9:00am)

As Dartmouth students, we are bombarded by technology. Amidst the granite of New Hampshire with its splendorous natural endowment and idyllic terrain we send blazing, state-of-the-art electronic mail messages to each other and other addressees around the world. Even to students who only minimally use computers, it seems as if computing services at Dartmouth attempts to integrate new technology almost as fast as it is developed.