Summerphonics form

by Laurel Smith | 6/28/94 5:00am

The Summerphonics, a singing group made up of the sophomore members of the Dartmouth Dodecaphonics and other campus singers will begin rehearsals this week.

They will soon be adding harmony to barbecues and other summer events.

The group, directed by Leslie Jennings '96, held auditions Sunday and chose seven new members to add to the seven Dodecs on campus this summer.

The seven Dodecs are sophomores Jeneen DiBenedetto, Nina Fallon, Jorge Motoshige, Jennings, Kelii Opulauoho, Brad Parks and Dave Kaiser '93.

Some of the new members sing in other campus groups like the Aires or the Glee Club, but that "had no real impact on the decision," said Parks, who is the group's business manager.

The Summerphonics have been on campus the past six Summer terms, Jennings said. If there are enough Dodec members on campus, the group usually does not recruit outside members.

"We decided to open it up this summer even though we already had a lot of members because we wanted to see some new people," Jennings said.

The new members are "a fairly diverse mix as far as background goes," Parks said. New member Alicia Jennings '96 normally sings with the Chamber Singers and the Rockapellas, and Kim Koontz '96 is in the Glee Club.

Allen King '96 and Mike Roberts '96 are members of the Aires, and Jane Burger '96 sings with the gospel choir. New members Sarasa Kimata '96 and Jo Seuk '96 do not sing in other campus groups.

Kimata said she had been hoping to sing with the Dodecs for a while. "It might be a big time commitment, but I think it'll definitely be worth it," she said. "I'm taking really time-consuming classes so I think it'll be a nice break."

Burger said she hopes singing with the group will be "a great outlet and a great way to meet a new group of people."

"It's been a goal of mine to be in a singing group ever since I got to Dartmouth, especially in a coed group, because the sound is really different," Burger said.

Parks said,"The only real difference between the Summer-phonics and the Dodecaphonics is that we'll sing outside a lot more."

The songs that the group will sing are all from the Dodecs' repertoire, but not ones that the campus has heard the group sing recently. "We'll haul out things that the group sang maybe five years ago," Parks said.

The group will make its debut in an outdoor concert in front of the Gold Coast residence halls at 2:00 p.m. on July 16.

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