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Strong turnout needed for Greek system referendum

(11/03/93 11:00am)

One week from tomorrow, a Student Assembly referendum will gauge the student body's opinion on a single sex Greek System. In reality, it will gauge the opinions of those who vote. This referendum will not result in changes to the current structure of the Greek system. However, by the number of students who participate, it will show how much students are interested in controlling the fate of their own system.

Price of alcohol treatment is out of hand

(11/03/93 11:00am)

Alcohol has once again proven to be the bane of the College, but thanks to a new price adjustment the evil demons in spirits of wine are more intensely molesting the students themselves. The price of a night in Dick's House for a student retained there with a blood alcohol level of over .10 has risen from last year's figure of $300 to this year's outrage of $450.

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