Donation to expand Jewish studies

by Maggie Fritz | 11/4/93 6:00am

Dean of Faculty James Wright will appoint a new committee to examine the College's offerings in Jewish studies and possibly increase the number of classes offered in the discipline.

Dick Page, a trustee and the chair of the Will to Excel Capital Campaign, announced a donation from Leon Black '73 last month, $200,000 of which is earmarked for funding the expansion of the Jewish studies program offered here.

"The Jewish Studies program at Dartmouth right now is about half-way between nothing and where it's supposed to be," Rabbi Daniel Siegel said. "It has been at the same level for many years."

Currently, the Jewish studies program consists of three religion courses and an Asian studies course.

Siegel said the committee would examine why the College's Jewish studies program has expanded and how to improve it.

The aim of the new interdisciplinary program will be to broaden and strengthen the present Hebrew and Judaic study opportunities. Presently Dartmouth is the only Ivy League school without a formal Jewish studies program.

Wright will appoint the committee within the next couple of weeks, according to one professor.

The Black donation also includes $1.5 million for an arts and sciences professorship.