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On the run from campus po'

(11/10/93 11:00am)

It's about 1:30 Saturday morning, and you decide to walk home. You may have had a couple of beers, but not enough to intoxicate you. But, before you venture outside to make the perilous journey home, you smear the black camouflage paint across your face, slip into jet-black fatigues and put on black combat boots. You hide in the shadows and stumble through underbrush, taking the least visible route home.

Vote no in Thursday's SA referendum

(11/09/93 11:00am)

I opened my Hinman Box Saturday to find my red cardboard Student Assembly "newsletter." One-fourth of it was a plea that all students vote in the upcoming referendum: "Do you support the continued existence of single-sex fraternities and sororities at Dartmouth? Yes or no?" The Assembly feels it is "imperative" that I vote and take this chance to have my "voice heard."