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Watching the Ivies

(11/19/13 9:00am)

BROWN: Brown University is currently implementing initiatives outlined in President Christina Paxson’s recently approved strategic plan, the Brown Daily Herald reported. A new sophomore seminar program focusing on “diversity and social justice” will be piloted in the spring. Other changes include a post-tenure sabbatical policy and the development of online education programs.

Hanlon discusses social issues

(11/18/13 8:42pm)

College President Phil Hanlon discussed social opportunities for students, building a more inclusive community and the challenges that face the Dartmouth community — including high-risk drinking, sexual assault and violence — at a faculty meeting on Monday. Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson followed Hanlon’s speech with a presentation on the results from the Committee on Student Safety and Accountability report, which lays out plans for dealing with campus social issues.

Daily Debriefing

(11/18/13 8:24pm)

Princeton University has seen seven of its students hospitalized this year as a result of a meningitis outbreak, The New York Times reported. In response, the administration urged students to stop sharing drinks at parties and avoid kissing. Princeton officials are considering the use of a vaccine, Bexsero, that has not been approved in the United States, to treat its student body. Meningitis vaccinations are already required for most students at Princeton and other New Jersey four-year colleges by state law, but the particular strain at Princeton is not covered by the vaccine commonly used in America. Due to the concentrated outbreak at Princeton, the Food and Drug Administration gave special permission to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to import Bexsero.