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June 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Daily Debriefing

Princeton University has seen seven of its students hospitalized this year as a result of a meningitis outbreak, The New York Times reported. In response, the administration urged students to stop sharing drinks at parties and avoid kissing. Princeton officials are considering the use of a vaccine, Bexsero, that has not been approved in the United States, to treat its student body. Meningitis vaccinations are already required for most students at Princeton and other New Jersey four-year colleges by state law, but the particular strain at Princeton is not covered by the vaccine commonly used in America. Due to the concentrated outbreak at Princeton, the Food and Drug Administration gave special permission to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to import Bexsero.

Although New Hampshire is on track to recover all the jobs that were lost during the recession this spring, for the first time in decades, New Hampshire is not leading New England in economic recovery, the Concord Monitor reported. In recent history, New Hampshire has always been above the average economic growth of the region. When New Hampshire fully recovers the job loss from the recession this spring, it will become the third state in the region to do so, behind Massachusetts and Vermont. For the next five years, the state’s economy is predicted to grow 3 percent annually. Despite an increase in jobs, there is expected to be a 0.4 percent decrease of jobs per year for the next five years in the manufacturing sector. Although there will be an decrease in the total number of jobs, the manufacturing jobs will be more productive and better paid now than in the past.

Ben DeLuca, coach of the Cornell University men’s lacrosse team, was fired two months after the team was suspended as a result of hazing involving alcohol, Bloomberg reported. In September, the lacrosse program was suspended after allegations that older team members had forced freshmen to consume alcohol. Team members expressed surprise that DeLuca, who led the team to a 37-11 record and two Ivy League titles in his three years as coach, had been fired as a result of the allegations.