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Freshman Trips offer bonding with classmates, nature

(08/09/11 2:00am)

Alison Su '13 almost missed her Moderate Hiking freshman Dartmouth Outing Club Trip due to travel problems she encountered en route to Dartmouth from her home in Ann Arbor, Mich. Su's first flight was initially delayed, then cancelled. She proceeded to miss her connecting flight and then the last Greyhound bus out of Manchester. Already nervous about coming to Dartmouth, Su said she was in tears during her traveling nightmare.

Daily Debriefing

(07/08/11 2:00am)

A group of 47 doctors, nurses and administrators arrived in Hanover on Tuesday to participate in the first class session of the Master of Health Care Delivery Science degree program at the Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science, according to a Tuck School of Business press release. The collaboration between Tuck and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, the first health care delivery science program in the nation, aims to combine management skills, medical research and health care evaluation to provide cost-effective treatments to patients, according to the release. Classes are co-taught by Tuck and TDI faculty and by College President Jim Yong Kim. During the 18-month program, students live on campus for four one-week residency periods and continue their classes between periods via distance learning software. The program is headed by Kim, Provost Carol Folt and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center co-president James Weinstein. Albert Mulley '70 acts as the Center's executive director. The Center was founded using an anonymous $35-million donation in spring 2010.

DDS finalizes changes to SmartChoice plans

(07/05/11 2:00am)

In response to student feedback, the College has modified its controversial SmartChoice dining plan to allow for greater flexibility in meal choices, according to Director of Dartmouth Dining Services David Newlove. The final SmartChoice plan which offers new pricing options will be implemented for Fall term, according to Associate Dean for Campus Life April Thompson.

Young appointed to VP position

(05/18/11 2:00am)

Roderic Olvera Young was appointed the College's vice president for communications on Tuesday and will assume his role on June 10, according to a College press release. Young, who currently chairs the Reputation Management Practice at the Washington, D.C.-based communications firm TMG Strategies/MSL Group, will manage the Office of Public Affairs and work with College administrators to accurately and clearly convey their goals to students, faculty members and alumni, he said.

State questions trustee investment

(05/10/11 2:00am)

The Charitable Trust Unit is investigating whether the College is in violation of a New Hampshire state law that regulates conflicts of interest on nonprofit organizations' boards of directors, Terry Knowles, assistant director of the state's Charitable Trusts Unit, said in an email to The Dartmouth. The College is bound by law to disclose how members of the Board of Trustees profit from endowment investments in trustee-managed companies, according to Knowles.

Events honor alumni contributions

(04/28/11 2:00am)

The College's fifth annual Alumni Appreciation Week a tradition created in 2007 to connect students with visiting alumni and help undergraduates recognize alumni contributions to the College features dinners for members of the Class of 2011, a reception with Trustee Bradford Evans '64 and alumni tailgates, Hill Winds Society Alumni Appreciation Week co-chair Yuxiang Zhou '12, said.

Daily Debriefing

(04/22/11 2:00am)

Following a dismissal of their case by the New Hampshire Supreme Court last week, the group of alumni bringing a lawsuit against the College Board of Trustees filed a motion for reconsideration with the Court on Thursday, according to attorney for the plaintiffs Eugene Van Loan. The motion requests the Court to address the plaintiffs' claim that the Board made a binding promise in a 1891 agreement guaranteeing parity between alumni-elected trustees and charter trustees. The plaintiffs argue that the reversal of this agreement is barred by the doctrine of "promissory estoppel," in which a party claims to rely on a promise although it is not an enforceable contract. In its recent decision, the Court upheld a lower court's ruling that the promissory estoppel claims are barred by the doctrine of "res judicata," by which any legal claims cannot be filed in a case for which a judgment has already been reached or that entails the re-litigation of a matter between the same two parties, The Dartmouth previously reported.

Court upholds dismissal of lawsuit

(04/13/11 2:00am)

The New Hampshire Supreme Court affirmed a January 2010 decision by the Grafton County Superior Court to dismiss the 2008 alumni lawsuit against the Board of Trustees on Tuesday. In their decision, Chief Justice Linda Dalianis and Senior Justices James Duggan and Gary Hicks ruled that a previous lawsuit filed by the Association of Alumni and then dismissed by the Association prevented the plaintiffs from suing again with the same claims.

Board confirms Boudreaux, Burgess

(04/11/11 2:00am)

The Board of Trustees confirmed the election of Gail Koziara Boudreaux '82 and R. William Burgess '81, who won uncontested trustee races in an election ending on April 6, during the Board's termly meeting on Saturday. Approximately 15.5 percent of alumni who share their contact information with the College voted either online or by mail in the uncontested election, Diana Lawrence, director of communications for Alumni Relations, said in an interview with The Dartmouth. Of the 10,572 alumni who voted, 9,140 voted for Boudreaux and 9,016 voted for Burgess, according to Lawrence.

Voting declines in uncontested race

(03/30/11 2:00am)

Approximately 9 percent of College alumni have cast their ballots online in the uncontested elections for two open seats on the Board of Trustees and the executive committee for the Association of Alumni, according to Association of Alumni President John Mathias '69. By this time in last year's election, 16 percent of alumni had voted online, The Dartmouth previously reported.

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