Daily Debriefing

by Nathan Yeo | 7/7/11 10:00pm

A group of 47 doctors, nurses and administrators arrived in Hanover on Tuesday to participate in the first class session of the Master of Health Care Delivery Science degree program at the Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science, according to a Tuck School of Business press release. The collaboration between Tuck and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, the first health care delivery science program in the nation, aims to combine management skills, medical research and health care evaluation to provide cost-effective treatments to patients, according to the release. Classes are co-taught by Tuck and TDI faculty and by College President Jim Yong Kim. During the 18-month program, students live on campus for four one-week residency periods and continue their classes between periods via distance learning software. The program is headed by Kim, Provost Carol Folt and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center co-president James Weinstein. Albert Mulley '70 acts as the Center's executive director. The Center was founded using an anonymous $35-million donation in spring 2010.

Comedian Conan O'Brien's commencement address to the 2011 graduating class is currently the third-most viewed YouTube video posted by a college or university, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported Tuesday. Although O'Brien's speech has over 900,000 views total when all posted versions are considered, The Chronicled only considered videos posted by school accounts. The University of California, Berkeley posted the most popular video, "Paralyzed student, Austin Whitney, walks at graduation," with 471,000 views. The video shows Whitney, who is paralyzed below the waist, walking to receive his diploma with the assistance of a robotic exoskeleton designed by Berkeley engineers. Commencement speeches by actors Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks were the second and fourth most popular videos, respectively, The Chronicle reported. Other popular videos include the University of Pennsylvania's robotic baseball-pitching machine and the University of Chicago's "Universal Gripper," a machine that can grip almost any object.

Yale University broke its fundraising record by collecting $3.881 billion over a five-year period that ended on June 30, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported Tuesday. Over 110,000 alumni, parents and corporations donated to the Yale Tomorrow campaign to break the school's initial goal of $3 billion. Yale officials plan to use the money to fund scholarships, provide free tuition for students at its school of music and construct two additional residential colleges. Thirty-six colleges and universities nationwide reported conducting capital campaigns whose stated goal exceeds $1 billion, according to The Chronicle.

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