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Texts From Last Night: Winter Carnival 2017 Edition

(02/15/17 5:11am)

It was quite the magical Big Weekend for 17W. Whether you had one too many (butter)beers or someone hit you with a Forgetfulness Charm (Obliviate!), there's a good chance you may not remember some of the questionable texts you sent. Luckily (or unluckily), Dartbeat has proven once again that the internet is forever and no Vanishing Charm can save you. Without further ado, we present: the best "Texts from Last Night" from Winter Carnival.

Harry Potter Course Election Guide

(02/14/17 6:39am)

It’s Week 7, your midterms are looking a little grim, you keep falling asleep during your 10 and you’re starting to wonder why you ever thought higher education was worth it in the first place. Winter Carnival emails about Harry Potter aren’t helping, and suddenly you’re daydreaming about living it up with Harry at Hogwarts, learning how to fly on broomsticks and turn rats yellow (or trying to, anyway). Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and Dartbeat is here to help you out. Being in the middle of nowhere, sporting pretty sweet architecture and even having a similar housing system, it turns out that Dartmouth isn’t that different from Hogwarts. Even the classes are pretty similar, if you really think about it — stick with them, and you'll be transforming rats and flying in no time. We’ve compiled a handy guide of classes to help you live your best magical life.

Your Harry Potter Flair Guide

(02/13/17 1:47am)

Given the theme of this year's Winter Carnival, you might have been hoping to snag some new Harry Potter accessories for your flair box. Unfortunately, you didn't win the (nonexistent) drawing for a $72 Deathly Hallows necklace and you can't buy any new costumes because your Gringotts vault is out of DA$H. So, in celebration of Witchcraft, Blizzardry and being broke, here are some Pinterest-worthy (not really) ideas to help you make the most of what you’ve already got.

If Harry Potter Had First-Year Trips

(02/10/17 2:12am)

Dartmouth and Hogwarts share quite a few striking similarities — house communities, storied traditions and isolated locales play large roles in the culture of each institution. However, although Dartmouth and Hogwarts students know how to knock back a cold (Butter)beer, Hogwarts lacks an integral part of the Dartmouth experience: First-Year Trips. Given Hogwarts’ close proximity to the Forbidden Forest, young witches and wizards should get the opportunity to explore the wilderness the way incoming Dartmouth freshmen do every August. Here are some trips options for Hogwarts first-years interested in immersing themselves in nature:

Snow Sculpture 2017: A Minimalist Perspective

(01/19/17 3:00pm)

Breaking: Dartmouth students angry because the making of that thing they didn’t want to participate in is being taken away from them! This past Friday we all opened our blitz to some expected earth-shattering news: The Winter Carnival snow sculpture has been cancelled due to, among other reasons, “declining involvement from the student body at large.” (Ooh, drag me, Winter Carnival committee.) This ultimately resulted in some strongly worded grumbles like “what will we Instagram Week Six?” and “Lest the old traditions fail, etc., etc.”

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