Least Grim Places to Study for Finals

By Lily Johnson | 11/15/17 10:04pm

The air’s getting colder, the sun’s setting earlier and the library’s getting more crowded — it must be ~finals szn~. Even though the beautiful fall leaves are gone and we might not see the sun again until June, at least your study space doesn’t have to be as grim as the weather! After scouring the campus for the best study spots, I’ve collected the definitive guide to the least grim study spots to get you through finals szn and those winter woes.

1. FFB

If you can find a spot, FFB is the best place for getting work done while still seeing your friends! Not being alone is key to not sinking into a finals slump. Pro tip: wear headphones if you really need to get on that study grind.

2. Blobby

It may be known as a facetime-y destination, but Blobby actually is a great place to do some light studying. With a real old-school Dartmouth vibe and proximity to delicious food from KAF, what could be better?

3. Rauner

If a quieter place is more your scene, the Rauner mezzanine is the place to be. Big windows, natural light and scenic views, Rauner Library is always a move.

4. KAF

If you’re one of the few lucky souls to score a table at KAF, then you hit the studying jackpot. With an unlimited supply of coffee and snacks and lots of friendly faces, the only grim part about this study locale is the dent it’ll make in your DBA.

5. 2FB

Basically FFB’s nerdier brother, 2FB is just like FFB, only a bit quieter and easier to really cram for finals while still being an enjoyable place to be. It’s the highest I’ll go in Berry Library before it gets too grim to keep me in a good mood while studying.

6. Starbucks

Going off campus to study is so underrated, and Starbucks is the best place to do just that! Like KAF, you have access to good food and great coffee, but Starbucks also helps you feel like you’re escaping the Hanover bubble and joining the real world again.

7. Sanborn

How can you be grim when you’re warm AND you feel like Harry Potter? Sanborn is the best place to go for some #aesthetic studying, and is quiet enough for you to really get stuff done.

8. The Cube

House Center B will have restricted access to Allen and School House students only. 

An alternative social space that really should be called an alternative study space! The Cube is bright and has plenty of outlets and big chairs, and if you can sync your study hours with the times the houses provide free food, then you’ll be golden!

Lily Johnson