Potential Facebook Album Titles for Freshmen

By Nicole Aboodi | 11/9/17 11:50am

Courtesy of Melanie Kos '20

As the end of the term nears, many things may be on a first-year’s mind. How am I going to study properly for all my final exams? Which flight should I book home? How am I going to survive the holidays with all my crazy relatives? But, most likely, the number one question on your mind is: What should I title my Facebook album for college? What’s a clever name to let all of my high school friends that I’m having a wonderful time? How can I also make it witty so my Dartmouth friends appreciate it? So, for the ones still searching for that perfect Facebook album title, here is a list of possible options for you.

“‘17F”: it’s a classic. It refers to your term so you won’t struggle to find an album title next term or next year.

“FALLing In Love With Dartmouth”: Or maybe some sort of other season-themed pun that relates to the College.

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“Give a Rouse”: A line of the College Alma Mater shows your school pride and your school knowledge. Alternatives are ‘College on the Hill,’ ‘The Granite of New Hampshire’ and ‘Dear Old Dartmouth.’

“Go Big Green”: A spirited title, displaying your love for your school and your teams. Also works for one of the sportier bunch.

“Cult Life”: Or any other joking reference to the idea that Dartmouth is a cult. It’s funny, cute and accurate, so this is a good way to warn your friends and family that you’ve now entered into a cult.

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“Twenty-Ones”: This name could encompass your entire four years spent at Dartmouth, while sending a subtle nudge of what year you’ll be graduating to your relatives who stalk your Facebook. Courtesy of Giphy

“Welcome to the Woods”: A perfect name to exhibit the ~nature~ of the College.

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“A Year in the Life of a NARP”: Or any other piece of Dartmouth lingo to show off how ~college~ you’ve become.

“Cawledge”: Or alternatively, ‘College’. May be conventional, but always an acceptable title to fall back on if nothing else suits you. Also, it gets the point across: Welcome to college!

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Nicole Aboodi