What to do during the frat ban: A comprehensive guide

By Nicole Aboodi | 9/28/17 3:26pm

As an incoming college student, you may be excited for various parts of college life: meeting new friends, taking intellectually stimulating courses and, maybe, venturing out to a party at a Greek house for the first time. The journey to your first party might be full of questions: What do I wear? How much should I drink? Which Instagram do I post so that my high school friends know that I’m enjoying college and maximum fun is being achieved? Unfortunately for you, Dartmouth first-years do not indulge in the excitements (and anxieties) that come along with Greek spaces until the six-week ban is up. While sliding through home friends’ Snapchat stories and scouring campus for something to do on a Friday night, Saturday night or Wednesday night, you might feel a little defeated and as if there is nothing “fun” to do on campus. But don’t worry — to find your entertainment during the frat ban, use this as your guide to the social spaces that will make the ban more bearable and make the first six weeks of college really feel like ~college~.

Collis After Dark: Transforms Collis from pizza party pavilion to roller-skating rink to arcade game haven. Hosts many events that act as alternatives to boozy occasions. Come here for organized fun. Also good for those who aren’t keen on chit-chat, as this involves actual activities, as opposed to standing around and repeating the same few questions, i.e. “Sorry, what’s your name again?” “Where are you from?” “What trip were you on?” etc.

<p>Tall Heights performed Thursday night in Collis Commonground.</p>

Sports Houses: Most likely the lax house, heavyweight crew house, football house or basketball house, but there are some other popular ones. Will most likely be invited because an athlete is a “friend of a friend.” Word will spread throughout the class once one ’21 knows, so make sure to get there at the perfect time, so that you can have fun before it’s overcrowded, dead or shut down.

Dartmouth Golf Course: A beautiful setting for a trippee reunion, a peaceful location for camping or a scenic setting to go stargazing. Feels like you’re out in nature a bit, so you can achieve your dreams of being a crunchy student while staying within a few minutes of campus. Don’t forget bug spray and a blanket and it will be a very nature-y evening.

Club Fays: The Fayerweathers are a sanctuary for first-years looking to socialize and shmob from room to room. Just don’t get written up!

The Hop: If you like art, cinema or culture outside of Hanover, the Hop hosts many art exhibits, screens movies and even presents several performances.

The Green: An oldie, but a goodie. Sit with some friends, enjoy the scenery and get some facetime. If you’re feeling really ambitious, it’s also a Dartmouth Seven location.

Friend of a Friend’s Room: Seeking a calm night in that usually results putting names to faces of a few people that you see around but don’t know? Want somenew Snapchat friends? Friend of a friend’s room is the move. Drinking games optional, acquaintance/friend-making required.

Collis Late Night: No matter how you choose to spend your evening, you will most likely end up at Late Night for a fix of either mozz sticks, mac and cheese bites or nuggets. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even see some upperclassmen coming back from the ~frats~. Pro tip: Late Night is the only place to end your night.

Nicole Aboodi