If 20th Century Icons had Juuls

By Zachary Benjamin | 5/9/17 10:26pm

If you’re a Dartmouth student, you’ve likely seen Juuls, the e-cigarettes that offer an alternative to smoking. Now, I don’t have a strong opinion on vaping as a whole, but I applaud anything that encourages people to quit using tobacco products. That said, cigarettes are pretty ingrained in our culture — just look at the number of iconic movie characters known for smoking. So, what with our current culture of alternative facts (and alternative social spaces), I decided to reimagine classic movie and television scenes. What if your favorite characters had Juuls?

“Mad Men”


Courtesy of AMC via pennlive.com and juulvapor.com

“Mad Men” took the world by storm with its insightful looks into the minds of attractive white men from the ’60s. But there’s always room for improvement. What screams “dapper,” while likely decreasing your risk of lung cancer compared to smoking, more than a Juul? Just imagine what could have been.


Courtesy of Warner Bros. via theweeklings.com and juulvapor.com

Rick: [about his Juul]: It’s not for sale.
Ferrari: You haven’t heard my offer.
Rick: It’s not for sale at any price.

You go, Rick. Stand by your convictions. Stand up for healthier alternatives to cigarettes, offering smokers who want to quit a chance to wean themselves off of the most dangerous nicotine products. Stand up for the Juul.

“Pulp Fiction”

Courtesy of Miramax Films via rowsdowr.com and juulvapor.com

You know what they call a quarter pounder in Europe? A royale with cheese. You know what they call a cigarette in relatively health-conscious places that seek to offer alternatives to smoking? A Juul.

“Wall Street”

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox via huffintonpost.com and juulvapor.com

“Greed is good,” Gordon Gekko proclaimed in the hit film “Wall Street.” But there are some things that are better than greed. Like Juuls. I’d be greedy if I could satisfy nicotine cravings without carcinogenic smoke, too.


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures via cigarettesreporter.com and juulvapor.com

John Travolta just oozes cool in “Grease,” the classic ’70s musical. But you know what would elevate his style game and compliment his bad-boy image, while still protecting the integrity of his respiratory system? A Juul, that’s what.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures via hercampus.com and juulvapor.com

There’s nothing more elegant, stylish or timeless than Audrey Hepburn. Well, nothing except her Juul, that is.

Sigmund Freud

Via 19thshop.com and juulvapor.com

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But sometimes, it’s so much more. Sometimes it’s a Juul.

Zachary Benjamin