What Housing Community Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

By Melanie Kos | 1/16/17 1:54pm

Have you ever wondered what House you’d be in if the housing system was instead based on your zodiac sign? Wonder no more — just find your zodiac sign and get sorted!


Aquarius, Gemini:


There’s a reason that Gold Coast used to be some of the priciest dorms to live in. You’re close to basically everything, and you never fail to take advantage of it. You are determined and resilient, yet often too harsh on yourself. Ease up a little, you have the best house center on campus. You can be very intimidating at first, but once people befriend you, they realize that they have made a friend for life.

Virgo, Capricorn:

East Wheelock-

You are very mature — there’s a reason you used to have to apply to live in these dorms. Your idea of partying is drinking a bottle of wine, listening to jazz while discussing whether or not Godot actually represents God in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and eventually retiring to bed to watch an episode of Law & Order: SVU. You tend to be the most level-headed of your friends, and some may say you have no feelings, but you have to admit that you were just a little emotional when you saw Morton go up in smoke.

Pisces, Taurus:

North Park-

As a member of North Park House, you don’t tend to socialize with a lot of people since you are a pretty quiet and private person. However, once you find a close-knit group of homies, you begin to show your wild side. You tend to be the person your friends turn to for advice, as your level-headedness is invaluable. You may not go out too often, but when you do, it tends to be a raucous and unforgettable ride. People love you for your kindness and dedication to whatever you set your mind to.

Cancer, Libra:


As a member of School House, you somehow have your life put together but are always willing to have a good time. Being ideally located on Mass Row near Foco, Collis and Baker-Berry Library makes you practical, as not taking advantage of these amenities would be foolish, which you are not. But when Wednesday nights roll around, Webster is only a short walk away. You tend to give balanced and fair advice, and are fiercely loyal to what you believe in.

Aries, Sagittarius:


You are very social and slightly — okay, very — reckless. I mean, your proximity to Leverone proves for prime climbing adventures in the spring. However, all your classes are far away, and you’re usually late to any and everything due to the walk from the Lodge (Lodj? Why are you living so far from campus?). You can be pretty stubborn sometimes, but you usually prefer to be in a good and peppy mood, able to ~go with the flow~ when necessary. You are one of the most, if not the most, fun of your friends, and your infectious spirit draws people to you wherever you go. 

Leo, Scorpio:


You are occasionally the life of the party, yet somehow manage to be pretty put together most days. Your study habits are still going strong, and a close proximity to both Baker-Berry and Thayer can’t hurt. If you’re not being super studious on the weekends, your friends know that when you go out, you’re their go-to person. A prime location to frat row beaten only by the meager Choates cluster as well as a direct path to Collis proves for prime late-night adventures. Not to mention the notorious Sussel Rage, one of the dorms in West House. You love to gossip and always know what’s happening on campus. You’re generous and will always help someone in need if you can.



I’m sorry, but is this actually a real zodiac sign? Who even decided the world needed a thirteenth zodiac sign? If you choose to believe in this nonsense, your house is McLaughlin, which isn’t really a house at all more than it is a mishmash of other houses, which makes sense since this sign is a mix of two other signs, and shifts the zodiac calendar. The Hotel McLaughlin’s distance from other dorms and slight ostracism from others due to your non-subpar living conditions is somewhat of a metaphor for people who buy in to this zodiac sign.

All images sourced via https://students.dartmouth.edu/residential-life/house-communities/about-house-system. 

Melanie Kos